You mean *I* can be part of the scuba squad???

Anybody with a blog can relate:

You just put the finishing touches on that beautiful, 2,300+ word blog post that solves every one of your reader’s problems and world hunger.

Then the moment of glory:

You hit publish…

… then you schedule a few tweets…

… then what?

Well the truth is that the writing is just the beginning.

It’s the 20% of the workload.

I picture creating content the same way I picture growing a business…

Like an iceberg.

Where only 20% of can be seen from the surface.

(usually things like follower counts, flashy cars, and all of the swimming-in-money being done)

The other 80% (the “mass”) is below the surface and out of sight.

(where the real struggles, sacrifice, and hard work reside)

And, much like that beautiful article you just poured 10+ hours into and published…

It’s easy to look like a “big hit” from above the surface.

But when you dive deeper, you’re left with shallow waters (and even shallower results).

That leaves you with two choices:

Look pretty from the surface with blog posts, tons of likes, and awesome logos…

Or, do the work that actually builds your business, grows your list, and puts dollars where it counts – your bank.

I want to *dive* into your business with you – a “scuba squad” of sorts.

We’ll create a plan to…

  • Make a splash with customers (who are ready and able to buy your products and services),
  • Breast-stroke our way towards growing your and email list, and
  • Swim past wantre-preneurs wearing floaties in the shallow-end focusing on their social media stats

I’ll be limiting one-on-one students I take bring on in the new year – and I don’t let just anyone into the private wards of my ship.

We can find out if you’re a fit to come on board together, just go here:

Aye aye,

Jeremy Montoya

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