What They’re Saying


“Jeremy helped me take The Suitcase Entrepreneur from a highly consumed show, to highly converting show … If you want to make sure your content brings in more qualified leads and sales, then Jeremy’s the one to watch.”

Natalie Sisson
The Suitcase Entrepreneur

“Jeremy makes email and copywriting look easy. He’s my “ace-in-the-hole” whether I’m launching a new podcast episode or my flagship course The FB ADvantage to my email list.”

Rick Mulready
Founder of The FB ADvantage

“Just have to say, I LOVE YOUR EMAILS! They’re a serious treat in my inbox everyday.”

Sunny Lenarduzzi
Video Marketing Strategist

“I am LOVING your emails!

I have already learned so much from you — I’ve taken your advice, gotten over the whole ‘blog posts need to have a catchy title, tweetable link and pinball image’ and got back to basics.

I sat down, wrote about 250 words and sent it off to my email list (who hadn’t heard from me in MONTHS) and posted as a simple text update on Facebook.

The results? Over 20x the engagement! NO JOKE!

So thank you — you’re awesome.”

Kelly Bourne

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