Too many cooks in the podcast kitchen

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When I was growing up, my favorite phrase was “don’t touch me!”

(I still catch flack for this…)

I needed my space.

I’m not as ‘touchy’ these days, but a healthy bubble is always nice.

Growing up, my sister was the biggest influencer of me needing to yell that phrase.

(She’d get so close that she wasn’t actually touching me, but a hair away from it)

Nowadays, we still mess around, but we’ve figured it out enough to know what to avoid if we want to get along – especially when cooking together.

Neither of us have the biggest kitchen, so in order for things to work right, she needs her area, and I need mine – because everything gets tougher when the situation gets cramped.

This is no different when it comes to standing out with your podcast…

Everyday, thousands of new podcasts are being added to iTunes and other directories, and the space is becoming more and more cramped.

With a plethora of ‘me-too’ shows floating around, the game changes from having a podcast, to being unique.

Unique in your approach.

Unique in your delivery.

And unique in your positioning.

Most miss the boat on this completely and continue to do what everyone else is.

That’s why you have to go against the grain, and say ‘screw it’ to the norm.

When others have daily shows, do it monthly.

If dozens of shows are bringing on sponsors, don’t.

(or sponsor yourself)

And if other shows make it about themselves, then focus on your audience above the rest.

The reality is that you need to question everything.

That’s what led me to stumble upon the The Take Home Technique, because although other shows were using SMS marketing to get opt-ins, they weren’t making it easy or memorable for their audience.

And if you aren’t making it easy for your audience to stay in contact with you (and I don’t mean social media here) then you’re blending in with the rest.

Focus on building your community and conversation beyond the show with your email list and don’t look back.

(this is just one way to make it happen, but I’ll cover a few more in tomorrow’s show)

The most important people will thank you for this:

Your audience.

It’s dinner time, and I’m out.



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  • So do you have any thoughts you can share on starting a podcast in the business marketing and internet marketing niche? What would help me stand out?

    • answered in today’s episode. Will post soon @TheSmallBusinessMarketer:disqus

  • Thanks for the reply. Now to think further about the narrowing of focus.
    Have tried to limit the breadth by calling the site the small business marketer but need to go even further.

    • It’s tough, and doesn’t feel ‘right’ to narrow it down… But I really don’t know of another way unless your network is drenched with big-namers willing to email for you, and at least for myself that’s not the case haha