The quadruple-Z podcasting list

I’m writing this during family time, so I’m going to keep it short…

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Sometimes your biggest weakness is your greatest strength.

Here’s my thought process..

The other day I started reaching out to ‘big name’ podcasters to use The Take Home Technique in during their shows to get passive listeners to opt-in to their email list.

I (naively) thought that it would be the best idea to reach out first to the big names I (and most others) listen too, and that they would take my advice.

Pretty ‘newb’ of me.

Think about it:

*If there was a totem pole of ranking in podcasting, then I’m sure to be quadruple-Z list.

*I don’t have outstanding relationships with really any of these big name show hosts

*These people are busy, so who am I to ask for even just a few minutes of their time to hear me out?

And still, not only do they hear me out…

They’re actually implementing my advice and findings…

And a few of them may even pay me to continue offering my list-building know-how for their shows.

(I’ll share data and names sometime when we have some results back)

Instead of doing the smart thing and focusing on influencers that are within reach and that would be highly likely to read and respond to my emails, I went straight for the gold.

Had I been doing this for years, I might have thought about approaching it in a more methodical manner…

And may not have aimed for the ‘top.’

I’m no veteran, but somehow my naiveness and lack of know-how lead me straight to the goal.

What’d I learn?

Sometimes, it’s better to be an amateur than someone who know’s everything and the best approach.

Because when you don’t know what you’re doing, but are willing to try, you can learn faster and make a bigger impact.

Ok. That’s all for now.

It’s time for Chipotle with my cousins and family.


PS – if you’re just getting started online, and feel like the list-building process is slow and more long-term for making money, then what I’m detailing above is the best way to start bringing in the dollars.

If you’d like to hear more about this, respond so that I know and maybe I’ll put together some more resources on this topic in the coming days.

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