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Take Action!


Episode 12 – “Spinning” Your Content To Get A Landslide of Email Subscribers (get the workflow here)


  • How to use old (but still valuable) content to grow your list
  • The #1 question to ask yourself when creating content upgrades for your podcasts, blog posts, and videos
  • How to decide what to offer your audience based on your new content

Access the workflow here



Episode 11 – What I’ve been doing (wrong) – (Access the sample video pitch here)


Here’s what you’ll see:

  • A sample to pitch one big name entrepreneur
  • How I remove common obstacles by *doing* the work before reaching out to potential clients
  • How I go above and beyond to prove you’re I’m the person to solve their problems

Access the video by clicking here.


Episode 10 – Invest, or have a podcast like the rest (Download the Top Time-Saving Resources For Podcasters)


You’ll discover:

  • Why I recommend you avoid MailChimp (and the service you should sign up for now)
  • My number 1 tool for buying time
  • Why you should sign up for time-leveraging services BEFORE you’re ready

Click to download the Top Time-Saving Resources For Podcasters


Episode 9 – Why your favorite expert is overrated and how to avoid their trap (Download the ‘Digital Delivery Postman Method’)


  • My exact workflow for standing out in the box
  • How to get beyond writers block when reaching out to your list
  • How to message your list the right way (and be unique in the process)



Episode 7 – The Future Of Social Media with Peter Shankman (Download Upgrade and Enter To Win a copy of Peter’s book – Zombie Loyalists


  • Predictions for what lies ahead in the World of Social Media
  • A 3 step process to help you take action and get ahead of the accelleration of Social Media
  • An entry to win a copy of Peter’s new book, “Zombie Loyalists”

Click here to download and enter to win.


Episode 6 – Top 10 Ways To SMASH Any Goal ( Download Upgrade Here)


  • How to easily go from idea to goal, even if you’re unsure of your direction
  • What to put in your line of site that you stay focused on on target
  • The secret subconscious method of making explosive progress in your life
  • The number 1 thing I learned in the last 12 months, and how it can impact your life and business

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