Thankful For: Gurus Selling The Promise Land

Can you relate to this?…

There are so many places to get information from these days, that it’s nearly impossible to know who is credible and who’s not.

I’ve been through my stage of getting the runaround from the online gurus selling the promise land – but all of that went away as I put my head down and got to work.

Now as you read this I’m probably cheeks-deep in some sweet potatoes that are fresh-out-the-oven and some left over Chipotle.

(I don’t eat meat or much of the regular thanksgiving stuff, being vegan and all…)

And although I’m not big on Thanksgiving – I am huge on giving thanks.

So being the day that it is here in the US, I wanted to send some thanks out, and give you the vetted resources and people that have been lynchpins along my journey.

Here it goes:

Joe Polish –

It’s crazy to think about, but the first podcast I ever listened to was I Love Marketing by Joe Polish and Dean Jackson.

(It has to be one of the first in iTunes)

Through a random strike of luck, Joe became a regular customer at my last job (he’s in Arizona, too), and offered me a ticket to his yearly conference. It couldn’t have come at a better time, as I was in the process of leaving to join a startup and pursue my own business.

That conference shaped my future in too many ways to count.

Do yourself a favor and check out the I Love Marketing Podcast – STILL going strong.

Tim Ferriss – 4 Hour Workweek

Right after I found Joe, I found Tim.

I remember the day because I had just decided being an employee wasn’t the life I wanted, and that I had to figure a way out quickly.

I bought a random eBook online and The 4 Hour Workweek was one of the books they kept referencing, so I bought it the next day.

During my breaks I would sneak off and try to speed-read a couple pages…

I couldn’t put it down.

The 4 Hour Workweek single handedly added rocket fuel to my entrepreneurial spirit.

Tim taught me that anything can be debunked, and there’s always a faster route to take if you ask the right questions.

Do yourself a favor and pick up The 4 Hour Workweek if you haven’t already.

Bryan Haris – VideoFruit

I’m grateful to call Bryan my coach and mentor, and he’s single-handedly responsible for me staying on track with my goals in business and life.

When I found Bryan, he was focused on helping people start service based businesses. If that’s your thing, check out this post.

After awhile, he started sharing helpful ways to scale your business ah-la an email list.

He keeps it simple, but is more strategic than anyone I know.

Check out this post for example.

There’s no conversation I hate more then when people are stuck on starting their business because they don’t know what name to go with.

Bryan is living proof that the name matters as much as you make it.

So to the folks above, and the many others who’ve shaped me and my journey:

Thank you.

Jeremy Montoya

PS – Who are you thankful for in your business or life.

Send me a quick reply and let me know.

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