Thank You

You’re in.

You should see an email from me in the next day or so.

Until then…

Let’s talk about “us.”

Former girlfriends and would-be college professors wouldn’t be happy right now…

You see, this will be one of the only times I’ve openly chosen to define my “commitment”.

Here’s my promise:

I will only send you valuable information that’s made an impact in my business, and in the businesses of my private clients and students.

And in return, here’s all I ask…

First, is your participation and feedback.

Always feel free to reply to my emails or reach out my way for help – after all, email wasn’t created just for one-way interaction.

Secondly, understand that I’m in the business of marketing.


I will be sending you emails to buy things.

There’s never any pressure to buy, and if you ever feel so inclined you can unsubscribe.

No hurt feelings.

That’s how it’s gotta be.

After all, would I be much of a marketer (someone who advises and teaches list building and email marketing to sell more products and services) if I didn’t use my own advice to help solve problems and create sales?


Still there?

Here’s to you and I, and to our many successful ventures together.

Stay hungry,

Jeremy Montoya