Stop Planning. Start Experimenting.
Announcing The Montoya Experiment

I feel like The Beaver lately with how many errors I’ve been making.

A timeout is almost in order.

But I’m realizing something cool start to happen after each mistake…

I learn.

And that learning has begun showing me how some of the planning I’ve done in the past has slowed me down when I could have been just taking action.

What are my plans with all of the learning I’ve done?

Putting The Lab Coat & Goggles On

VIDEO-CHALLENGEWhen I started making videos on YouTube this past July, I had a fun way to explore being in front of the camera again with a buddy of mine.

I had no plans of doing my own show, no plans of using video to build my community, or any expectations, really.

I just started testing.

By simply testing, I took a different route in creating something that I ever have before.

I didn’t spend hours creating an experience.

Zero time was spent making a name or logo.

And I sparingly put time into promoting.

If you look back, the videos were choppy, editing was sparse, and sometimes the quality was crappy.

But overtime, friends and other random online strangers started viewing my stuff and giving me feedback. (Not all of it was positive. Trust.)

I really felt like I started getting it down. I found my arena.

ep_5_soundcloudThat’s when I decided to that I needed a name and some more structure, and that’s when This Is Life TV launched. I wrapped all of the things I was already doing into a package and aimed to do it regualary.

But what I realized quickly was that my mindset of testing and trying things out went away for some reason. I felt like I was done and was at the ceiling of my small video success. It definitely didn’t help that some lady named Lisa Lang launched her show with the same name… After I did, of course. ;)

A trip back to the drawing boards was in order, and that’s exactly what I did. Except this time, I felt compelled to make a new show that was more of a direct reflection of who I am: An entrepreneur and super curious scientist/student of life.

I got stuck thinking about a name for it, and almost lost the motivation out of frustration.

But here’s what I realized:

  • I probably won’t figure out a name right away
  • Waiting to figure out a name could be the end of me
  • If what I’m doing has been one big experiment, then why not just let it be what it already is… An experiment.

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And with that, my new show was born. I’m pumped to introduce The Montoya Experiment.

This experiment is a direct extension of me and my life – an ongoing, ever growing medly of curiosity, trying things out, learning, and sharing.

I’m excited to embark on this journey, but I can’t do it alone.

So here’s the deal, I’m already in iTunes New & Noteworthy… In multiple categories.

BUT… New shows from big-name people are showing up daily, so here’s where I need some help to sustain my rankings…

  1. Head over to iTunes and subscribe
  2. Download and listen to the first episode of The Montoya Experiement (most recent video)
  3. Leave me your honest thoughts in form of an iTunes rating and review, right inside of iTunes or your podcasts app.
  4. And probably most important, please share!

Instagram your thing? Here’s the artwork to share.

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Google+? Here’s the link. (Seriously, I’d love to know if anyone uses this)

Don’t listen to podcasts? Subscribe to my YouTube channel and share as you please.


I’m done asking!

Here’s The Montoya Experiment




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