Starting A Podcast For Business Growth

99% of podcasters fall into this trap:

Not knowing how to use a podcast for list building.

Should you make more episodes?

Get a “big name” on your show?

Run Facebook ads??

The options are endless.

I ran through those options MANY times and decided to take another route:

Leveraging my existing audience.

In this post, you’re going to find out to use your podcast for list building.

When I implemented this, my list was barely past the single digits, so every opt-in had me jumping for joy like a kid in a candy store.

But enough about me! This is REALLY about you.

By the end of today’s case-study, you’ll learn the exact steps you need to take to double your email list in your very next podcast episode.

If you want to build your email list with your podcast, be sure to try this…

(blatantly stolen, adapted, and evolved for podcasting from VideoFruit by Bryan Harris)

At a high level:

“You need to create a downloadable bonus for EVERY blog post your write podcast you record. Instead of having one universal toolkit or eBook, create a very specific bonus each time you write a post record an episode.

These bonuses are called – content podcast upgrades.”

Here’s why this works:

* People love walking away with stuff to hold onto. (even free stuff. Think: menus to your favorite restaurant, business cards, etc.)
* It’s an easy way to remember what you just heard during the episode
* It’s a fair trade – you give me your email, I give you this free value-packed whatever whatever

This could work for your podcast in a variety of ways:

* Offer a free checklist highlighting action steps after listening (admit it, how many podcasts do you listen to where your stoked to hear the content but take no action?)
* Give your audience the transcripts of your show so they can review them when they’re not driving/working out/spanking the kids
* Create an infographic that details the meat of your episode in a visual, easy to reference way

Now I know what you’re thinking:

“But Jeremy… Giving away content upgrades isn’t anything new!”

And you’d be right.

But this is where the technique I discovered awhile back works so well…

…Think about it…

When most listeners are tuning into podcasts they’re typically at a point in there day where the only thing free are their minds and ears.

They more than likely:

• Have their hands at 10 & 2 doing 88 down the HOV lane (with no one else in the car)
• Busting out their last reps at the gym (and the last ones are the most important)
• Taking their dog for a walk (Elvis doesn’t quite have this down yet)

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 10.38.53 PM

If you really want to double your email list (or get any opt-ins, for that matter) then you MUST understand that your listeners have A LOT going on in their lives while listening and you NEED to lead with that in mind.

That’s why the ‘Take Home” technique is so powerful.

It combines the psychology of what’s going on in your podcast audiences’ World with content upgrades and something called ‘SMS Marketing’.

How to actually get your listeners to respond to your calls to action using “The Take Home Technique”

Double your podcast email list by using The Take Home Technique by Jeremy Montoya

Most podcasts episodes today sound like this:

  • Intro: Welcome to today’s podcast.
  • Segue: Tell them what you’re going to tell them
  • Call to action: Please leave me a review
  • Meat & cheese: blah, blah, blah
  • Closing Call to action: Remember to leave me a review


First, I don’t condone wasting precious air time begging and pleading for iTunes reviews. There are better things your audience can do to bring value to both parties.

(Like, sign up for your email list? Duh.)

The Take Home Technique is a bit more ‘evolved’…

  • Intro: Welcome to today’s show
  • Call to action: “Before we dive into today’s show, I’ve prepared a Step-by-Step Playbook for today’s episode that, if executed properly, has the potential to double your email list. To download this free resource, simply text ‘Experiment’ to 33444 or visit if listening from a PC.”
  • Meat & cheese: blah, blah, blah
  • Closing call to action: “I know we covered a lot, and I know you’re excited to get started. For a Step-by-Step Playbook to help you implement The Take Home Technique, text ‘Experiment’ to 38470 or visit”

Ahh. Much better.

The Take Home Technique keeps in mind that podcast listeners aren’t typically in front of a computer when listening to a show, but makes it easy (and memorable) to visit with a custom URL, if so.

Making the Take Home Technique work for your podcast

You know that list building is important for your podcast and business.

(and if you didn’t, now you do)

After having a few shows of my own, I realized it was in my listeners best interest for us to be able to keep in touch, but it wasn’t until recently that I found a way that was valuable for everyone involved.

I’m not saying give away the house, but I wanted to be sure I was bringing something to the table my listeners could take action on that was well worth their contact information.

It was tough, at first, to decide what I wanted to include with every episode, but it got easier with time.

It helps me to plan (and area of opportunity here for your boy J-Money), but now I can just ‘speak it into existence’ as I’m chatting or featuring a guest and create the opt-in after.

If podcast list building is a priority for you, then here’s what you need to do in your next podcast episode:

1) Brainstorm a ‘call to action’ while planning out your next episode
2) Write out the benefit your audience will experience by taking action and opting in
3) Deliver on your promise by sending them your offer

Most people will read this and think, “that sounds good, but…”, and won’t take action.

(They probably won’t even make it this far down the page, let’s be honest)

For those that are ready to gain email opt-ins (and potentially double your list) , download the step-by-step Playbook  I created to make setup a cinch.

Here’s what you get:

  • The secret method I use for saving HUNDREDS of dollars by not purchasing a new texting keyword for every episode
  • How to properly brand the keyword your audience sends to opt-in (other ‘big name’ marketers are really missing the boat on this one)
  • Find out the SMS marketing company I use (this took tons of research, trial, and error – save hours by downloading)

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