A secret NMX bash (and you’re invited)

While I write this email, most of my friends (including many of you) are having a blast at New Media Expo…

Just like anyone else, I had the chance to attend.

In fact, my good friend (and subscriber to this list) Ander Frischer even had a room hooked up for me.

And yet…

I resisted.

You see, sometimes an opportunity, event, or task comes along that looks like a helluva lotta fun.

Heck, it may even help take your business to the next stage.

But when you know your number 1 goal, it quickly becomes clear what you should be doing.

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It’s no different with a podcast.

Many start.

Few stay in it.

And fewer actually go on to find success with it.

It could be a variety of reasons that cause this, but, at the end of the day, if you take a closer look you’ll start to see the same holes over and over again.

Not launching to a list.

Not sending to a list.

Not focusing on a list.

Not even having a list.

So if you’re one of those people who held out on NMX, or are holding out on other things that take away from you main objectives – then I tip my 49er cap in your direction.

If you’re at NMX, have a blast.

I’ll be over here making sure my Yorkshire Terrorist doesn’t puddle in the kitchen or get into the bathroom trashcan (again).

Spoke too soon.

Gotta run,

Jeremy Montoya

PS – Have you already started using The Take Home Technique?

If so, shoot some results over!

If not… Why not?

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