Goals Rules For 2015

Jeremy's 2015 Rules

Each new year that comes around tends to bear goals and missions to complete them.

I have a few of them in mind, but I was recently inspired by John Romaniello to take a deeper look into the rules in my life and am deciding to put more weight on my life’s governing guidelines.

I’ve decided to stick with 13 rules, 5 of which I’ll be sharing here.

At the end of the post, you’ll have the option to download the strategy I’m following to create and follow my rules, along with the chance to share yours with me on an upcoming episode of The Montoya Experiment.

Rule 1 – No sleeping in past 7:00 AM Mon-Fri

Podcasting every morning at 5 AM has been a real trip. I wasn’t up everyday at 5 (listen: here, here, here, here), but it did shift my outlook on the time that can be wasted by sleeping in.

So that I can take advantage of each morning, but still balance the late-night creative kicks I get, I will no longer sleep in past 7.

Why? Sleeping in past 7 seems trivial, so 7 AM it is.

Rule 2 – Don’t judge books by their covers

Books… and, people. We’re all guilty.

As I’ve grown I realize how unexpected an outcome can be by relying on my first judgement.

Will I go with my gut? Hell yes.

But I’ll keep in mind that most first impressions are just that, first.

Rule 3 – Read everyday

Rule 4 – Mentorship

A big lesson 2014 provided was my realization of how I reflect other people. Because of that, I need to be extra careful with who I spend my time around.

I want to continue to grow and help people, so I need to be around people who are doing this on bigger platforms than I am.

Most of those people are busy, but if I’m not friends with them, I have no shame investing in a relationship with them where I can learn from their experience and leverage their knowledge.

You are your best investment.

Rule 5 – Calm down

I’m a passionate person. Even my doctor says I’m ‘wire-y’.

My understanding is that the mind leads the body, and vice-versa. So in order to make sure I cultivate my energy and spend it wisely, I make it a priority to get back, and stay in “the zone.”

It’s not mediating.

It’s sitting down and shutting up.

What About You

Are goals your thing?

Do you need to switch up and try something different?

Will you be joining me and focusing on rules instead goals?

If you’re interested in my other rules I’m putting in place, and my plan to stick with it, visit the bonus area here.

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