Everything Your Favorite Guru And Expert Is Telling You About Building A Business Online Is A Lie

A few weeks back I was talking with a friend who’s launching the second part of her career online.

Right now she’s focused on launching her next book the “traditional” route with a publisher.

She’s doing everything she’s been taught correctly – creating great content, following her passion, and implementing her learnings from courses, podcasts, and webinars

But webinar after webinar, and guru after guru, she keeps hearing the same thing:

You Need A Huge Email List If You Want Anyone To Pay Attention To You

Part of that is true, but it’s mostly missing the mark.

We’ll get back to that in a second.

You see, most aspiring entrepreneurs feel something like this:

  • You have built (or are building) a following online, but don’t know how to monetize it (so that you can pay your bills and sleep comfortably at night)
  • You know it’s possible for you to succeed online, but the courses you bought and content you’ve read just hasn’t worked for you yet
  • You find yourself sitting in on webinar after webinar from your favorite guru, only to see them make a sales pitch at the end, get tons of sales, and leaves you wondering “how they did it”
  • You stay up at night wondering if you’ll ever be able to quit your job and go full-time in your passion (like you see others all around you doing)
  • You’ve built a small email list but hardly contact them (and when you do, you feel like you’re bugging them)
  • It feels like you’re in a never ending cycle of building a following on the next big social media network (but lose steam when it doesn’t happen as fast as promised)

If that’s you – you’re not alone.

You DO have what it takes, you just need to…

Focus On The *Few* Critical Things Online That Build Your Email List, Customer Base, And Bank Account

I’m Jeremy Montoya, and I help online business owners build (and sell to) an email list of eager customers who are dying to buy your products and services.

Too many entrepreneurs are distracted with shiny objects instead of focusing on what moves the needle in business these days:

Finding your true target audience, growing your email list, and connecting with them the right way.

Most online gurus, experts, and publishers will preach to you that having a HUGE email list is the key to success.

I’ve found that to be dead wrong, and the truth is this:

You Don’t Need A “Huge” Email List… You Need A List Of Engaged, Interested, And Eager Potential Customers Who Have A Problem You Can Solve For Them

Everything else is a distraction, someone selling you “the dream”, or simply trying to push their products and services on you.

If you already know that your email list is the key to success in business (and are trying to grow it), then you’re ahead of most people these days.

Now just having a small list won’t pay your bills, keep the lights on, or let you quit your day job.

Which is why focusing on fewer of the right things is the name of the game.

No matter what stage you are in business, there’s no “one method” that’s going to work for everyone.

You’re different from me (and from all of the entrepreneurs I’ve helped in the past).


There Are Three Things Every Online Business Owner Must Do If They Want Their Online Business To Succeed (and stand out from the ‘me-too’ business owners crowding the web)

  1. Avoid shiny objects designed to empty your wallet, waste your time, and keep you from finding your groove online
  2. Have clear goals – and expectations – for your efforts online. And,
  3. Learn core marketing principles and apply them from the ground up

Unfortunately, there are many guru’s and experts that capitalize and prey on unknowing customers by selling them “the dream”.

You’ll see or hear them talking about…

Their Lamborghinis…

… their “three-part launch sequence” that works “every time”…

… how you can “become the *Rockstar* you were meant to be…”

Or, my favorite… “just start running Facebook ads and you’ll have a booming business…

It’s the same story, and you’re probably just as sick of it as I am.

Which is why you should:

Stop Listening To The “gurus” and “experts” And Get Back To Basics

When you sign up for one on one help with me, you be able to…

  • Get a personalized roadmap, catered to you – and your current situation – that’s free of fluff (and sticks to what simply works online)
  • Gain peace of mind knowing that you won’t find yourself spinning around and around, going from guru to guru (because you’re still unsure of what will work in your business)
  • Focus on the most important aspect of growing your business: forging an email list of buyers and subscribers eager to hear from you (and about your products and services)
  • Watch as the perfect clients begin to look at you for the answers to their problems (and have their wallet in hand ready to pay you)
  • Clearly understand (and leverage) modern marketing principles that positions you as the celebrity in your market (and have others in your industry calling you for advice and help)

Here’s The Way It Goes Down…

As you already know, you have a unique set of obstacles, strengths, and experience that makes you different from anyone else.

(which is why it’s so dangerous to purchase online courses and coaching these days that make bold and hardly believable claims about potential results)

During our first call together, we’ll outline your objectives to find out what isn’t working and then begin putting a plan together that’s designed for your situation.

From doing countless podcast interviews, market questionnaires for my private copywriting clients, and helping others in the online space – I have plenty of experience to get to the bottom of what’s happening in your life and with your business.

After that…

It’s Not Going To Be Easy (by any stretch of the imagination) But The More You Put Into It… The More Return On Investment You’ll Experience

That is as true in business as it is in real life.

You won’t “get rich” by sitting on the beach…

… and you will most definitely not get further by continuing to do what you’ve already been doing.

You have to be willing to do what I say (which typically goes against your favorite gurus advice) and work some long hours if you want timely results.

If that goes hand in hand with your work ethic, then you’re probably thinking…

… OK, Jeremy. How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?

Earlier your heard of the years I spent spinning my wheels.

Well what you didn’t hear about was the tens of thousands of dollars spent in going to conferences…

… paying for personal help for me and my business…

… and thousands of hours I invested into testing and finding out “what works”.

That being said, personal help from me is expensive.

However, the investment you make in yourself with coaching from me is something that will continue being a beacon of light for every move you make in business going forward.

(because I don’t teach tactics and “get rich quick” schemes)

We’ll talk about your business, if I can even help you…

And if you check out, we’ll also discuss pricing options.

Note: I Am Not Taking On Any New Coaching Students For One On One Help After December 31, 2015


And there’s no telling when I’ll open it back up.


If you want to:

  • Build a long lasting business by growing a strong email list full of customers ready to buy your products (and keep coming back for more and more)
  • Receive personal attention free of cookie-cutter tactics that “used to work” (and will attract ideal customers to your business)
  • Follow or find your passion and tell the world about your purpose, mission, and solution (without sounding salesy, slimey, or hypy)
  • Create a fun business that allows for you to leave your 9-5 (and avoid needing one ever again)

I’ll be straight up and honest (as I’ve been here) if we’re the best match for each other.

Click the link below and we’ll find out if we’re a good fit for each other:

Go here to be notified when coaching opportunities open up.

Jeremy Montoya

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