How to podcast like a pickup artist

When I get out of the house to work, I work.

The distractions I have around me at home tend to keep me doing everything besides work…

My dog is chewing the carpet in my room.

(bad Elvis!)

My roommates are coming in and out.

And, I have access to all of my favorite things.

(delicious food, my mic, and finger skateboards galore)

That’s why I like going to coffee shops far and wide.

Because at home, I do everything besides work.

But when I switch my environment up and am able to focus, the result is completely 180°.

It’s the same for our listeners.

Let me explain…

I recently sat at a coffee shop hacking away at my keyboard, and as I finally started to get things done, I paused to take a look at the picture unfolding next to me.

(this was Friday evening, around 9:30PM, to paint the full picture)

Two girls sit to the right of me, and a good buddy who joined me in the late-night hustle session.

Just as quick as the focus came, it went, when a tall, Ken-looking gent comes walking afoot.

Quickly going for the gold, he approaches the damsel to my right and seems to ask her to come outside with him.

She obliges.

A few minutes later (giddy as ever) she rejoins our table and her friend.

(there’s a podcasting lesson in here somewhere, I promise)

They proceed to talk for upwards of 20 minutes of the 3 minute event that just took place.

I couldn’t make out what she was saying to her friend, but I didn’t need to hear to get the idea.

Essentially, our Ken fellow…

1) noticed her earlier while ordering a latte
2) approached her and asked for her to step aside
3) got her info, and can reach out to her beyond the coffee shop

He played to win, and came out on top.

(head, out of gutter, now.)

It’s no different with our listeners {!firstname_fix}…

They’re busy, being distracted by the road, crying kids, noisy office environments, and just plain ol’ life.

If you want to strike up a convo, you HAVE to to get them away from there current environment and into one where you can chat one-on-one.

That’s why I focus heavily on building my email list with The Take Home Technique, working with other influencers in my niche, and keeping in mind that my number 1 target is to build my list.

(and to improve my audience’s life by doing so)

The truth is, it’s impossible to be successful with an online business of any kind if you aren’t building the almighty list.

Do it now…

Or fall to the podcasting pits of you-know-what.

(I may or may not go further into this in this week’s podcast episode)

That’s it for now.


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