A podcast interview with Charlie Brown’s Teacher

Don’t want to sound like broken record?

Well, we don’t want to hear one either.

A few weeks back, the Entrepreneur On Fire team featured me in one of their podcasts

And that’s when it hit me:

You don’t want to get featured on someone else’s show unless you’re bringing a solution to the table and offering to solve it.

(especially if a big name is going to interview you)

The truth is this…

If you want to help others while growing your podcast and list, you have to solve problems – and make it easy for listeners to get their problems solved.

(by you, of course)

You see, most people go on another podcast and sound something like Charlie Brown’s teacher…

“you can find me blahblahblah.com”

Instead of sending them to the most valuable part of their business:

The email list.

(I’m as guilty of this as anyone)

If you want to get them to your email list, you HAVE to make it easy.

You have to make it so brainless that a caveman can do it.

Because podcast listeners are busy.

(doing the dishes, chasing the kids, living their life)

But they’re also choosing to listen to you at that given moment.

So remember…

It’s all about the questions you ask yourself, so think about these 3 things the next time you get asked to be interviewed:

  1. Am I solving a problem?
  2. What can I offer?
  3. How can I make it easy to deliver the offer?

And then get a refresher on The Take Home Technique, it works great when getting interviewed on another podcast.

(This is the simple framework already being used by the likes of Lewis Howes and Chris LoCurto).

So stop with the broken records, and start with the list.

Your future email list subscribers await you.

Jeremy Montoya

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