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Making money online isn’t all dark chocolate and danishes

By Jeremy Montoya | Get Updates Here

I must of caught something in the last 24 hours because today’s been hell.

Stuffy nose.

Itchy throat.

Didn’t leave the bed till 3 PM.

But so it goes – sometimes you have to push through.

(plus I’m stubborn so I don’t take traditional meds)

It doesn’t matter who you look up to or who your are,

everyone has their “off” days.

Sometimes you wake up and things are funky.

Maybe you’re in a kerfuffle with someone you love.

(^^that’s a word)

Or your health takes a break.

I had a vision at one point that having a successful online business and working from home was all dark chocolate and danishes.

The reality is that it’s not.

You’ll still have funky days.

People won’t always be happy with you.

(when you put yourself ‘out there’ online the floodgates tend to open)

And sometimes you’re busier than those who work two jobs.

(and you may make less than them at times)

But at the end of the day,

it sometimes just doesn’t matter when you’re doing what you love or you’re on your way to it.

But, just like my cold or a funky day, time cures all.

As you get deeper into your business, however, time becomes scares.

That’s where action and sales come in.

For instance:

One of the biggest concerns people come to me with is that they want to leave their job (or already have) but they don’t have any (or enough) customers or clients.

Big problemo.

I could say “wait” (time cure) but that doesn’t feel right.

And so action becomes the name of the game to get to sales.

Same with your list.

If you aren’t making money yet (or know that you should be making more) then you have to take action.

It boils down to this:

Make more offers, sooner.

In fact, this month’s Email Elite Exclusive Training (which become a member by July 31st at Midnight PST to get) covers all bases for making more offers, sooner…

… and how to do it with out going crazy.

OK, getting kicked out of Starbucks now.

Go here to get this training before it’s gone:


Jeremy Montoya

Using your email list without burning out your subscribers

By Jeremy Montoya | Get Updates Here

I’m going to be experimenting with FB ads soon and knew there’s some basic stuff you need in place to get started.


I recently called up my buddy Ethan (he runs a widely successful IG ads agency – let me know if you need someone) and asked for a hand.

He generously helped me.

When the time comes for your pal Jeremy to start running ads alls I have to do is push a button.

You could say it pays to know people.

But there’s also a lot of other things besides people that pays to know.


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Hot, steamy, and ready to buy email subscribers

By Jeremy Montoya | Get Updates Here

Not too long ago quit the startup I was working for to focus on a business with my former girlfriend.

We heard about people launching a podcast and making tons of money and wanted a piece of the pie for ourselves…

… but we were starting to feel duped.

We had our logo,

started our blog,

and launched our podcast.

Out of desperation we started running Facebook ads to try webinars.

(since this was the next “big thing” to do online to make money)


in order for people to show up to our webinar we figured we should follow up.

So we started sending emails.

Little did we know that that one little task of writing an email to follow up with our leads would get people to show up,

convince a few to buy,

and build our list in the long run.

But there was a problem…

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Fight for your list-building rights

By Jeremy Montoya | Get Updates Here

A few months ago I was invited to a charity event nearby in Scottsdale but I couldn’t attend.


I did the next best thing I could and offered my services as a package to one lucky winner.

Well a good buddy entered for my raffle so that I could spend time with his brother who’s focused on content marketing for himself and his company….

… and he won.

Fast-forward to today and we just had our hour call together.

He’s now apart of an IT company in San Diego that’s ramping up their email efforts

and my advice broke down into balancing three approaches….

1. Know where the party is

If you want access to your target audience,

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Big Picture. small picture.

By Jeremy Montoya | Get Updates Here

I had super deep chat with my buddies last night that still has me thinking.

(maybe it was the early morning… Things get fuzzy after travel and switching timezones)

Any who…

When you get to the bottom of it,

there are very few things in life that matter…


it can be so easy to lose sight of how far you’ve come,

what you’ve learned so far,

and for all the things you DO have.

I mean,

This online business stuff is fun but I’d trade it in an instant for my family’s health.

At the same time,

we entrepreneurs risk practically everything for the chance to create something great.

Something that withstands time,

provide for our families,

and sends us to bed with a feeling of accomplishment.

Life is short.

^^that’s why it’s important to keep the big AND small picture in mind.

Being grateful that you can walk, talk, and think while also having a deep rooted feeling of unsatisfaction that wakes you up everyday to sell like hell and leave no cards unturned.

Somedays you’ll feel great,

and others you’ll feel like you aren’t going anywhere.

Either way,

say “thanks” and move on to the next moment.

Action starts the process and sales cures all.

More info on Email Elite here:


Jeremy Montoya


Questions, Distractions, and the balance of both

By Jeremy Montoya | Get Updates Here

From a conversation just now with my Uber driver, Scott:

He mentions that he’s been listening to Tim Ferriss’s podcast and recently read the Four Hour Workweek.

(smart man)

He’s on a journey right now to making his own online business when he brings up what’s been on his mind:

“There has to be a way I can make money on the internet.”


the fact of the matter is that their are many ways.

(some less ethical than others)

But I told him what I’d tell you,

my grandma,

or anyone else for that matter:

A better question to ask is:

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Get down with the tao

By Jeremy Montoya | Get Updates Here

My backpack has a string attached by the manufacturer thats’s designed to hold a “features and benefits” tag while it’s on the shelf

and it’s damn near impossible to get off.

Everyday I see this thing,

give it a yank to try and remove it,

fail once again,

and then tell myself

“I’ll get the scissors and take it off later.”


I looked down today and noticed that the friction of this tag rubbing against the bag’s actual zipper is starting to show signs of wear.

Me = no happy.

I even go as so far as to tug on it to try once again

(as I’ve done hundreds of time)

to remove this tag once for all.


I look up to move on and I heard something hit the floor.

I thought I dropped something from my pocket –

– and there it was.

The damn tag.

As if it jumped off my backpack.

Sometimes the things we want most in life happen just like this…

Everyday we show up and try to “force” results in our online business…

… put unnecessary pressure on ourselves…

… notice that it’s not working and start to panic…

And the second we remove ourselves –

– “it” happens.


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