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It’s Google’s ball. They’ll do what they want.

By Jeremy Montoya | Get Updates Here

I recently heard that Google’s tweaking YouTube and making MAJOR changes to it’s business model

and that this change will impact the way some of the most popular YouTubers will make money.

From the looks of it many will be SOL.

(that’s IF they’re talking about anything political, controversial, or that Google and it’s partners simply doesn’t want to fund)

But that’s Google’s right.

It’s their ball.

They can take it go home with it.


if you don’t have control over your main source of income

then you just aren’t in control.

^^that’s a scary place to be.

Moving on…

If you’ve been building an email list for any length of time

then you know it’s not the size that matters

but how responsive your email subscribers are.

One of the surest ways to a responsive email list is simply doing everything in your power to make sure your email makes it to the inbox.

Because if your email subscribers can’t see it or read it – do you (and your content, offers, and ideas) exist?

And –

with google’s own filters acting like a constant moving target

– how do you keep up and make sure you’re able to reach your audience?

This month’s Email Elite Exclusive Training contains more than five things that you can immediately do to increase the quality of your list and it’s responsiveness…

… before you’re done watching it.


in the face of Google’s antics

my training can sometimes be political (or anti)

and somewhat controversial in my examples and thought processes.

What I teach isn’t what you’re used to getting in those courses that you pay $499 or $997 for

(but never finish or get actual results from)

and goes a mile-deep on singular topics to build your email list with quality subscribers who actually buy your stuff.

See ya in the depths.

Jeremy Montoya


It’s not JUST about email lists & mula

By Jeremy Montoya | Get Updates Here

This entrepreneur lifestyle can be lonely.

We (mostly) start off at a jay-oh-bee of sorts.

Then the questioning begins if “I’m doing the right thing?”

You find a book like “The 4-Hour Workweek” or “Crush It!”

and realize we can make a living on your own doing something that you love…

Fast-forward a year or two and you’re working from home

or maybe even from a remote location as you travel the world…

Then you loop back to some form of “Am I doing the right thing right now?”

As I’m plowing through “On The Shortness of Life”,

I stumbled across this gem that every online entrepreneur should embody:

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Montoya On The Shortness of List-building

By Jeremy Montoya | Get Updates Here

I’m reading a book right now that’s been on my list for awhile.

(one of those many people tell you that “you HAVE to read”)

It’s called “Seneca On The Shortness Of Life”.

Super deep read on one man’s perspective on time and taking advantage of it.

OK, I’m only 15 pages in, so take that for what it’s worth.

Any who,

there are a lot of lessons I’m already finding that relate directly to building an email list online.

For instance:

A lot of people want a big list fast.

But when you observe what they do on a daily basis

you quickly see they don’t have the habits necessary to get anywhere quickly

and they instead spend tons of time on time-wasting mistakes that delay their progress.

^^I’m just as guilty of this as anyone else.

You can have it as fast as you’d like it IF you’re committed to putting in the work right now,

surround yourself with others already doing it,

and become relentless in where you put your attention.

– End Rant–

The upcoming Email Elite Exclusive Training for October features two specific ways that even the newest online entrepreneur can implement to attract quality email list subscribers that stick around for years to come and buy your offers.

One of them is so natural you may wonder why you haven’t been doing it already.

More long-lasting list-building goodness here.

Jeremy Montoya


The bad kind of “blow up”

By Jeremy Montoya | Get Updates Here

Facebook has been making big plans during the last few years to bring internet to places where it doesn’t exist.


Zucks contracted Elon Musk’s SpaceX to help launch one of their major satellites that carries said internets into the ether.


shit hit the proverbial fan yesterday when the shuttle blew up on launch.

(mercury retro much?)

No bueno.

I imagine Zucks wasn’t all too happy.

But he isn’t alone…

As online businesses owners sometimes things will blow up right in front of you.


In the heat of the moment it comes down to how you handle it.

Regardless of the situation you need to a have a plan.

The best one:

customers and potential ones.

(AKA an email list)

Building your list isn’t rocket science (per say)

but most course creators are out pimping content and products that make it confusing.

For personal help and monthly trainings designed to keep your launch for detonating,

go here:


Jeremy Montoya

The million dollar online entrepreneur phrase

By Jeremy Montoya | Get Updates Here

There was a point in time where I wanted to invest in every “how to start an online business” course that hit my inbox.

This posed two issues:

Issue #1 – it’s expensive as hell to keep buying $997 courses

Issue #2 – it’s damn near impossible to focus on more than one thing at a time,

which is required if you want to get results.

^^this makes “NO” the million dollar phrase for online entrepreneurs.

(at least the ones who want to get results)

Any who,

the next time you’re presented with an opportunity consider the cost:

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Puff Daddy’s list-building conundrum

By Jeremy Montoya | Get Updates Here

There’s a lot of talk these days about why you should build an email list.

But what’s often forgotten is some of the negative sides of building an online business…

… so here are 4 quick reasons why you SHOULD NOT build an email list.

Number 1: Everyone has an opinion

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“I can make you a success story overnight”

By Jeremy Montoya | Get Updates Here

My buddy Andrew explained to me awhile back that he’s been helping some non-profits

and he just got on the board of a new one.

While in his first meeting with them they explained their hefty fundraising goal

but went on to focus on their logo,


and a bunch of other minor (and not important) details.

Reminds of most entrepreneurs who spring up overnight and expect to be making money the next day.

It doesn’t work like that amigo.

You see,

just like america is being marketed to be skinny,


and to follow the heard –

entrepreneurs are being told it’s possible to make money over night simply by joining the latest social media revolution,

doing webinars,

or making a course.

(of course without any experience, audience, or money)

They get their hopes up

The truth is that it takes two things:

Hard work & focus.

It’s about laser-lining your marketing efforts so that you only speak to the ideal people and cutting away the fat.

I floundered around for years going from course to course and expert to expert trying to find the way…

What’d I do once I figured “it” out?

I started documenting it and putting it here.

Jeremy Montoya