Overnight entrepreneurship

At lunch today:

My buddy Andrew explained that he’s been helping some non-profits (something I’m highly interested in) and he just got on the board of a new one. While in his first meeting with them, they explained their hefty fundraising goal – but went on to focus on their logo, slogan, and a bunch of other minor (and not important) details).

Reminds of most entrepreneurs who spring up overnight and expect to be making money the next day.

It doesn’t work like that amigo.

You see, just like america is being marketed to be skinny, stupid, and follow the heard – entrepreneurs are being told it’s possible to make money over night simply by joining the latest social media revolution, doing webinars, or making a course.

(of course without any experience, audience, or money)

The truth is that it takes two things:

Hard work & focus.

Anyone telling you it’s easy is just trying to sell you dreams and focusing is more than dodging the social and branding experts.

It’s about laser-lining your marketing efforts so that you only speak to the ideal people and cut away the fat.

Yours truly floundered around for years going from course to course and expert to expert trying to find the way…

The moral: everyone gets got.

It’s a matter of how you learn from it and keep growing.

Jeremy Montoya

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