No eyes. No ears. No podcast.

This happened while driving to the last day of InfusionSoft’s yearly conference yesterday…

During the carpool, I gave advice to my good friend that, if acted on correctly, could save him years of time and headache, and potentially make him thousands (hell, hundreds of thousands) of dollars.

What’s he up to?

Well let’s just say he’s an influencer in his community and is wanting to take his knowledge and passion to a podcast.

And he’s just starting to take steps towards building his influence online and setting his goals.

Here’s what I told him:

*Think about who you’re wanting to ‘talk to’ with your podcast, and profile them down to the sound they make when they sleep

*Quickly brainstorm the things your audience loves. We’ll call this your ‘Influencer List’ (places, products, websites, social media accounts, podcasts, etc.) and put them in a spreadsheet for organization

(example: my Influencer List contains LeadPages as a product used and Amy Porterfield as a podcaster they listen to because that’s a part of my target audiences profile)

*Write 1–3 pieces of content his target listener would like to read (probably in list-form, 500–800 words)

*Open up your Influencer List and reach out with the written piece in hand to see if it’s something their audience would like (hint: they should say yes, if you correctly profiled your target listener and the places they hangout)

(almost done)

*Direct them back to a webpage designed to capture emails


Start building the relationship with his target audience via email by telling stories to share why they should be on board with him and looking forward to his show.

That’s it.

Notice I didn’t say ‘find your voice’, get an intro/outro made, design your logo or album artwork, etc., etc.

Because although those things may be important (debatable), they won’t matter at all if he has no eyes or ears to consume it.

And then when my buddy’s show has launched, he can grow his list by visiting the link below:


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