More “likes” and followers

A confession:

Target Market 1.0 – the live Masterclass I’ve been promoting…

Well, it’s just a test.

You see, at a high-level, I know exactly what it is you need…

And, I see what you’re already buying:

Products that won’t get you closer to dollars without having an email list.

That’s what sparked the idea behind Target Market 1.0.

(which already has a new name internally)

Here’s what I mean by “test”:

When you know what your market wants and needs, you free to start creating those things.

But here’s what most people get wrong:

They go all out.

They start creating a 4 module course and putting together a “product launch”.

When, instead, they should start small and work upwards.

In fact, to let you in on a little secret, everything I do starts out with a simple email and grows from there.

That’s what you’ve been witnessing over the last few weeks.

More – the people who will be there live get to see this clever test finalized and come to a close…

And, after, they’ll see what Target Market 1.0 becomes and be able to apply what I’ve been doing to products of their own in their businesses.

I’m in your head.

Hell, I’ve been in your head.

Camped out.


Patiently. Methodically. Strategically.

And whether or not you sign up (it makes no difference to me), there’s a plot in a place.

A plot that makes you realize everything being sold to you by the “experts” are shiny objects that take your eyes off the prize.

Maybe they bring you more followers…

Or show you how to get more “likes”.

(have fun cashing those in at the bank)

If you’re tired of the shiny objects and going from webinar to webinar only to waste another hour and half…

Then maybe, maybe , this is for you.

But, you only have a little time left…

Jeremy Montoya

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