Let’s see how the news spins THIS

Earlier today, while meeting with a big local news station (that actually doesn’t do them justice, they are the largest in the Valley) I dropped some info that, if implemented correctly, would likely place them ahead of their competitors for at least the next 12–24 months.

(and bring in tens, if not hundreds of thousands in ad revenue)

Here was my advice:

*Take their existing content and make it available via podcast

*Break apart their content into ‘micro-shows’ that their audience can quickly consume when, and where they want

*Form calls to action using The Take Home Technique that sends their market to their app where they could survey, position exclusive content (whether live or otherwise), and then, you guessed it:

Ask for the almighty email subscription.

(and, of course, hire my consulting)

Yes, it’s an additional layer from what I normally recommend, but their strategy has quickly become app-focused, so it still works.

Once they do that…

They’ll know exactly who’s listening, what they would like to consume more of, and potentially create more of what their audience loves.

(yes, resulting in more revenue)

I finished by telling them my rate, (I’m not cheap, by anyones standards) and started talking next steps.

We’ll see what happens…

After all, it’s the few who value investments over the next shiny thing that rolls by that will really see results that are mind-blowing in the long-run.

If you’re one of those few who are wanting outstanding results, and know that spending money on the right things can go a long way, then listen to this weeks episode of The Montoya Experiment.

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You’ll find out:

  • What you need to invest in if you have a show, or are starting one soon
  • Why I recommend you avoid MailChimp (and the service you should sign up for, for a buck)
  • My number 1 tool for buying time

Listen now:

Invest, or have a podcast like the rest


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