*Hack* Your Way To The Top (lessons from doubling my email list)

Last night, while celebrating my birthday at Top Golf I noticed something interesting…

Somewhere in between drinks and hours of chip shots, everyone that came out to have fun (sister, dad, cousins, and friends) sat itching for it to be their turn again.

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You see, most of the people that joined us don’t even play golf.

For some, it’s because they never learned.

For others, they just never took an interest.

For most, it was because golf is tough.

Anyone of my fellow bogey-sinkers on this list know that golf has a high barrier of entry.

You have to:

  • know the mechanics (how to swing, hold the club, use each club, etc.)
  • invest HOURS (I’m talking years) practicing Bruce Lee-style to be even halfway decent
  • have the mental stamina to know what you’re doing, and still suck most of the time

It’s intimidating.

I understand why most avoid it like the smelly kid on the grade school playground.

So how is that Top Golf manages to get everyone involved?

And how is it that they take something intimidating and make it fun?

They obviously know something we don’t, right?

A lot of us go into online business thinking it’s going to be eazy-peazey-lemon-squeezy.

I’m guilty as charged.

I wondered around for years with very limited success because I really didn’t know what to do…

Or where to aim.

I didn’t understand where to invest my time.

I had no idea what was most important to my business.

(contrary to my belief it wasn’t itunes reviews or download stats)

But the second I had a goal, and something to aim at – things changed.

People began knowing me for something.

I started identifying the critical few things I needed to do to advance the ball.

(growing my email list)

The secret was in the target.

Top Golf understands this, and plays this as their most used card.

If you aren’t familiar, Top Golf’s facilities consist of a 3-story golf range facing large colorful targets on the ground.


They have short and far range targets, and since the balls are microchipped, they know when you get closer to the center of the target and reward more points.

They give you something to aim at, and make it fun for everyone to join in along the way.

Your podcast, business, and even life can swing one of two ways…

The first is a long (mostly miserable) road that results in a hell of a lot of ‘experience’…

… and the latter is a focused and methodical combination that takes you closer and closer to success.

The key is having a target to aim at.

Pick the target, and keep hacking away.

Where are you currently aiming?

If you’re anything like me, you’re investing the list and if that’s the case, then you need to read this post:

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Leave a comment below with your targets, if I can help, I will. And I’ll be sure to chime in either way.

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