Kinda like layman’s time-travel

I noticed something peculiar the other evening…

I was watching the NBA playoffs and was admiring one of the “all-star” players – Stephan Curry.

He does something better than most professional players.

At 6’ 3″,

Steph is shorter than most players on the court, but he’s one of the best shooters.

So, in order for him to take a shot,

he needs to get away from defenders so he doesn’t get blocked.

He’s an expert at one thing:

Creating space.

(and has one helluva shot to follow-up with)

This is no different when it comes to your business and personal development:

You have to create space.

(and, well, we already talked about the importance of following up)

You need space to:

  • Work uninterrupted for a few hours each day
  • Be able to clear your mind when the overwhelm kicks-in
  • Create a schedule that fosters consistency
  • Work your body when your brain gets tired
  • To do your best work

When you’re building your business, no one’s gonna do the hard work for you, sweet thang.

However, showing up is half the battle.

So here’s what you need to do right now:

Pull up your calendar and see if “reading email” is the appointment you should be in the middle of.

If it’s not, schedule it right now.

Yes, that’s right – schedule what you’re doing right now.


take a second to back log the items you did throughout the day.

(it’s kinda like layman’s time-travel)

Time is the only commodity that matters at the end of the day,

and if you don’t budget it –

– it get’s budgeted for you.

Jeremy Montoya


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