Keeping your podcast out of the gutters

I’ll admit it.

A lot of times I talk about the mindset it takes to be successful in podcasting and growing your audience…

After all, if you aren’t growing a loyal following of people dying to take your advice, then when it comes time to sell you’ll fall on deaf ears.

Part of growing a loyal audience is making it easy for them to consume your advice and implement it into their business.

No one does this better, in my opinion, than your local bowling alley.

(this popped into my head last week when I wrote about my Top Golf birthday experience)

I dare to say that most bowling-goers aren’t professionals, nor do they play more than a few times a year – if that.

But regardless of your skill set, not only can you play, you can have a great time and get a decent score.

(and some smelly leather shoes)

When you walk in, you mention your shoe size and your handed the first part of a clowns outfit.

You choose your ball – big or small, heavy or light – and you’re off like the Big Lebowski.

From that point, your only job is to avoid the gutters, and even then, if you’re willing to publicly admit you’re a newbie (you got my respect), they have bumpers that will keep the game moving.

The journey bowling alleys provide for a first (or even frequent) bowler has already:

  • Made it easy and fun for all levels and ages involved
  • Enable a quick way to start that has an extremely low barrier of entry
  • Provided the tools necessary to be successful

That’s why, if you want for your audience to rant and rave about you and your business, you have to take a lesson from your local lanes.

  1. Make it easy, and if at all possible, fun to get started
  2. Find a way, any way, to help your audience get a taste of success
  3. Consider the tools necessary for success, and provide them

I’ve spent the better part of the last two years going from tool to tool, service to service, on a quest to find the ones that suit me and my business properly…

And the last thing I want for you is to spend an equal or greater amount of time doing the same.

That’s why in yesterday’s episode of the podcast, I shared a few of the tools I can’t live without.

(you can listen to that here)

Additionally, I put together a few more for you to consider that have saved me COUNTLESS hours.

Yes, some of them cost.

BUT, if you’re looking to create time, these come out to costing pennies in the long run.

To find out the tools I use (and that you should heavily consider implementing as well, click the link below  to download The Top Time-Saving Resources straight to your computer.

The Top Time-Saving Resources

See you at the ball return,


PS – Assume that I have an affiliate relationship for anything I recommend, here and on my show. I’ve spent countless hours finding the best resources and would only recommend ones to you that I would use and tell my grandma about.

Got it?


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  • Thanks, Jeremy. Listening to the backlog of your podcasts. :)

    • Anytime Ayesha :) I’m embarrassed by the first few haha but I wouldn’t be sharing what I am now without!