How to keep your podcast off the iTunes sidelines

My knees were trembling.

My teeth were chattering.

And the room went silent.

It was my turn at the podium, and I was locking up like the breaks on a semi-truck getting cut off in rush hour traffic.

And then…

It was over.

My first speech in a room with more than 100 people…

And I couldn’t even remember it.

Trying anything new is scary.

Hell, it can be traumatizing.

But if I didn’t try, and stayed on the sidelines – I wouldn’t have ever known the possibilities.

(and that I would go on to speak in front of 15,000 other people at Kemper Arena in Kansas City, MO)

It’s the same when it comes to using your show to grow your email list…

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You can keep passively telling others to join your email list, or hoping that they’ll magically know you have one…

(this is being “on the sidelines”)



You can grab the bull by the horns, leverage what’s working, and watch your list blossom.

That’s what happened when I recommended SMS marketing (a la The Take Home Technique) to School of Greatness host Lewis Howes.

(see how he got 250+ opt-ins with it here)

We weren’t quite sure that listeners would take action.

All we did know was that long URL’s and the standard workflow wasn’t working, and that we had to change the game we were playing if we wanted passive listeners to become email list subscribers.

So now, a question…

Is your podcast helping grow your email list?

Or is it just floating around cold, dark places on the iTunes sidelines waiting to be found?

Awaiting your response.

Jeremy Montoya

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