It’s not JUST about email lists & mula

This entrepreneur lifestyle can be lonely.

We (mostly) start off at a jay-oh-bee of sorts.

Then the questioning begins if “I’m doing the right thing?”

You find a book like “The 4-Hour Workweek” or “Crush It!”

and realize we can make a living on your own doing something that you love…

Fast-forward a year or two and you’re working from home

or maybe even from a remote location as you travel the world…

Then you loop back to some form of “Am I doing the right thing right now?”

As I’m plowing through “On The Shortness of Life”,

I stumbled across this gem that every online entrepreneur should embody:

“…For they not only keep a good watch over their own lifetimes, but they annex every age to theirs. All the years that have passed before them are added to their own.”

^^this is one of the huge advantages we have in the internet era.

You can pull of a video and instantly download the knowledge from all who have existed before you.

(philosophical much?)

Any who,

there are only a few ways to get ahead.

(in my book)

1: Surround yourself with others ‘doing it’

2: Execute, execute, execute

3: Find the people who have accomplished big things, dissect what worked, study what didn’t, and immediately implement

Anyone can do 1 & 2

But 3 takes patience and a lot of deep thinking, which, I get, isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.


If you’re the deep-thinking type and enjoy a balance of thinking big AND taking action

then you just may be a fit for my ‘inner circle’.

This isn’t JUST about building an email list,

(which you will build)

and it isn’t ONLY about lining your bank account full of mula.

(although it is lovely)

This is about finding what you were meant to do and doing it in the biggest way possible.

More deep thoughts to be had here.

Jeremy Montoya


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