Invest, or have a podcast like the rest…

What you’ll hear in this episode:

When I started podcasting, I wanted to know EVERY tool out there that would help my podcast in someway. What a waste of time. I’ve cut months (probably years) out of the search for the best resources, just for you. Download The Top Time-Saving Podcast Resources straight to your hard drive.

  • How podcasting is like raising a kid (and how to avoid raising a nutcase)
  • What you get by investing time and money into your show

  • What you need to invest in if you have a show, or are starting one soon 
  • Why I recommend you avoid MailChimp (and the service you should sign up for, for a buck)
  • What will happen if you use HTML newsletters (and how this impacts the way your listeners and readers see you)
  • How to avoid the ‘guard from going up’ with your email communications
  • Why I don’t help people start podcasts
  • What to do if you want to have a relationship with your audience
  • My number 1 tool for buying time
  • The ONLY metric you should actually be focusing on (hint: not social media followers)
  • How to actually solve problems your audience has
  • Why my content upgrades take longer than recording, editing, and launching my podcast (but why it’s oh-so worth it)
  • The language you HAVE to learn if you want to be successful with online marketing
  • Why you should sign up for time-leveraging services BEFORE you’re ready
  • Why GoDaddy and I don’t get along
  • How to stand out in ANY niche (on or offline – it doesn’t matter)
  • The issue with focusing on broad markets (this is where 11 out of 10 get hung up)
  • Where to put your attention to build your authority, credibility, and leadership
  • How to find one problem that your audience has (and the steps to take to solve)
  • What to do once you start becoming know to your market (this is how you become BIG in your niche)
  • How to break up your industry so that you can identify holes you can plug with your knowledge
  • Where you’ll instinctually want to give up when becoming known in your niche (and how to keep pushing through)
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Done listening? Download The Top Time-Saving Podcast Resources here.


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