Grow your list by doing less of these things

Podcasters of all shapes and sizes tell me variations of this constantly:

“Jeremy, I know I need to grow my email list… But I just don’t know HOW…”

Some of those shows have plenty of downloads and are trying to figure out how to get them to their list…

And others only have 100’s of downloads but still want to grow an email list so that they can keep in touch, find out more of their audience’s problems, and even make products and services for them.

Both are great fits for my coaching, and both have their hearts in the right place.

Everything else is simply mindset.

Sometimes it isn’t as much about what you need to start doing, but what you need to STOP doing instead.

So, if you’re tired of:

  • Installing the latest pop-up box trends on your website
  • Studying how to run ads on every social media network that springs into existence, or
  • Chasing after every shiny object touted as “the best way to grow your business overnight”…


  • Stop counting on technology to grow your list (it can help, but doesn’t fix the actual problem at hand)
  • Leave the social networks alone (they’ll be there long after you have a solid email list full of people who are anxious to hear your message)
  • Stop listening to the advice of every Tom, Dick, and Harry (that time spent consuming could be more wisely spent)…

And then..

Start surrounding yourself with the people who are getting the results you’re looking for.

(single handedly the #1 thing that changed the direction of my focus, business, and email list)

Being on this list and in this community is a leg-up, but if you want hands on time and attention tailored for you and your business, then here’s what you need to do:

Respond to this email and let me know which of the listed distractions keeps getting you.

I’m looking to create more list-building success stories, and you deserve to be one of them.


Jeremy Montoya

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PS: Yes, I might be pretty strict on who I work with.

And, yes I do require a time-commitment upfront. (3 months, to be exact)

But I also guarantee results.

So if you think you may be a fit, hit respond now and let’s chat.

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