Current Goals

On this page you’ll find an ongoing tally of my current goals.

I currently use the SELF Journal from Best Self.

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January 2017

Goal #1: Grow list to 1,000 subscribers.

Why: I want to grow my audience to help them with my knowledge in business and life.

Reward: Ceramic Apple Watch 42mm


  1. Plan next 2 giveaways (set date / select items)
  2. Hold giveaways on social accounts in addition to list
  3. Leverage relationships for items/promos

Result: In progress

What would I do differently?

Coming soon.

Goal #2: Start new physical regimen

Why: My body will be in better shape and I will have more energy.

Reward: A digital musical keyboard


  1. Try new methods (yoga, bootcamp, gym)
  2. Pick one by 2/10/2017
  3. Min 3x a week attendance

Consequence: My friend Angela has access to my Facebook to post something embarrassing to call friends to poke fun.

Result: Joined yoga! Been hitting 3x a week. Ongoing goal.

What would I do differently?

Coming soon.

Goal #3: Reduce food/travel budget by 50%

Why: I will have more money to save, for fun, and health

Reward: Two shirts, two pants, one pair of shoes


  1. Calculate spending for food/travel
  2. Reduce by 50%
  3. Allocate weekly difference to savings, health, fun

Result: In progress.

What would I do differently?

Coming soon.

Past Goals

October 2016

Goal #1: Create $4,000 in monthly recurring revenue by 12/31/2016.

Why: I will be saving for taxes, able to travel more, and can document the process.

Reward: A trip to Denver, CO.


  1. Get 1 new podcast client
  2. Hose 1 webinar per week with Videofruit + study to get better
  3. Add affiliate links/offers in my blog/vlog for ride-sharing and food ordering services I use


I hit this goal in some ways, but missed it in others. My intention was to start prospecting to find new clients for my hardly-talked-about and completely-unadvertised podcast agency.

While I did average $4,280 in revenue for the 90 day period, I didn’t earn it the way this goal laid it out for me which was to add $4,000 in additional revenue.

What would I do differently?

This was a lot to add to my plate when I set this goal and it was overly ambitious.


Because I hadn’t been prospecting to get new clients, which means I didn’t have a pipeline. So this was tough for me to shift to in addition to my day-to-day responsibilities.

Looking back, a better goal would’ve been what my first milestone was: getting one new podcast client.

Just typing that feels more achievable.

No Denver trip for me :(

Goal #2:  I will pick a name for my new project and I will launch it to the world.

Why: I will be able to share my passion the way I’m envisioning it.

Reward: A celebration with my closest friends.


  1. I will get 100 email subscribers
  2. I will send my first emails and publish first posts
  3. I will decide on a name


I hit this goal!

After blogging about business and marketing for a year or so I kinda got sick of it.

Well, I enjoyed it, but I found myself wanting to share more personal insights and looks into my life on top of my thoughts in business. At one point I thought about completely wiping this site clean or starting a new one.

What ended up happening was that I changed my outlook on what I share online and decided to keep the old stuff up for now.

Maybe one day I’ll get rid of it, but for now it reminds me of my start and there is nothing more real.

It’s the same reason I’ve kept my old (see: embarrassing) YouTube videos up.

What would I do differently?

I was gung-ho about putting my foot to the pedal and starting to share about even the deepest most personal parts of my life like dating and sex… But have so far eased into this direction of transparency.

I’m glad I ended up where I did with this one because it kicked off a relaunch to my online presence in a way that makes it easy to share my message.

Goal #3: Intermittent fast for 30 days.

Why: I will have more energy, spend less time on food, and look better

Reward: Two new shirts and a pair of pants


  1. Get everything I need for fasting
  2. I will decrease body fat by 2% to 17%
  3. I will lose 8 LBS.


  • Starting weight: 150.7
  • Starting BMI: 21.5%
  • Ending weight: 143.3 lbs
  • Ending BMI: 20.4%

Total lost: 7.4 lbs.

BMI reduced: 1%.

I lasted with fasting (hehe) and am still practicing it to this day.

While I didn’t exactly nail the metrics I was aiming at I call this a win.

What would I do differently?

For starters I would’ve gotten a more accurate weight and BMI % to have a better foundation.

I use the Withings Smart Scale. And while it’s nice and connected to my WiFi, it doesn’t provide the most accurate date.

My initial weigh-in pinned me at 152.9 lbs and 8.3% BMI.

Say it with me: Impossible.

Next at 150.7 LBS and 21.5% BMI which is the starting measurement I decided to stick with.

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