Do this if you want podcast listeners to opt-in

Caleb, a determined reader from this list emails in:

“I totally had been focussing on the wrong metrics: iTunes reviews, making it into New & Noteworthy, downloads…

… However, I haven’t figured out how to get the listeners to convert to email subscribers. I’m podcasting in the marriage enrichment area and am having a hard time coming up with ideas of lead magnets in my episodes. I’m sure we’ll come up with something but it’s a little different when you’re covering psych content instead of business and marketing content…

… I will continue to explore how I can use the show to build my list.”

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You’re not alone in this.

But at the end of the day, a lot of us face this issue regardless of the niche we’re in.

Here’s how I see it…

You want to keep it as easy as possible for your listeners to not only take action and opt-in, but to implement the advice you’re giving.

I would think about one small take away from your episode (it’s usually the first step or the ‘lead-in’ to your advice) and focus on creating an upgrade around that.

Also, if you have a lead magnet already on your site, I wouldn’t underestimate the power of repositioning that in some or all of your episodes.

Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing how one big-name podcaster implemented The Take Home Technique with such ease that you’ll wonder how you overlooked it.

(believe me, I wish I had done this earlier and will be doing so very soon)

I’m glad you’re recognizing where you need to put your focus, I wish more would, because iTunes reviews are nice but they don’t keep the lights on.


Enough for today.

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