Episode 6 – The Montoya Experiment

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Top 10 Ways To SMASH Any Goal

When I was younger, I would look around at all of the lazy people around me get uber excited about the year coming to an end…

They would inevitably start saying things like “new year, new me”…

… only to be in the same place the next year. Ha.

The highly successful, hell, even the moderately successful know that every month, day, and hour is a chance to restart and regain the traction in what’s important in their life.

They didn’t wait until the new year. They just did it.

In this episode, you’ll find:

– How to easily go from idea to goal, even if you’re unsure of your direction
– What to put in your line of site so that you stay focused and on target
– The secret subconscious method of making explosive progress in your life
– The number 1 thing I learned in the last 12 months, and how it can impact your life and business

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