Email Elite Early Bird – Closes 04/11/16 at 8:00 PM PST

Email Elite Early Bird – Closes 04/11/16 at 8:00 PM PST

In a few short hours, pricing will go up from $588 for one year to over $700, and some of the bonuses (totalling $3,600+) will vanish for good, but you still have a chance to sign up to be a Founding Member at the lowest price I’ll ever offer it.

Here’s what you’ll get by becoming a Founding Member of Email Elite:

Three 45-minute one-on-one email and product launch strategy sessions (to be used in first 90 days).

This is where you get my full attention on you and your business to help you make breakthroughs with your email strategy, product strategy, and list-building efforts. – $742 value

  • Email Proof – Three Email Proofs Each Quarter.

One of the questions I get asked most often is “Jeremy, will you take a look at this if I send it to you?”, and it’s hard to keep up with demand – that’s why I’ve made this an exclusive benefit of being an Email Elite Member. (After year one, you will get one email proof each quarter) – $660 value

  • Monthly “Jam Session” Group Q&A

We’ll hop on a hangout as a crew to talk over specific questions that are popping up in the group, trends I’m seeing, and other tips to help you expand your business – $330 value

  • Community Group to share tips and stay motivated

This is where we will all hangout and post wins, opportunities, and turn to when we need motivate or some words of wisdom. – $499 value

That’s a $2,200+ value.

Go here now to claim your seat as a Founding Member of Email Elite.


If you sign up before April 11th at 8:00 PM PST, here’s what I’d like to offer you as a Founding Member:

  • Elite Analysis – I’ll go to your website and do a complete breakdown (head-to-toe) showing you what you’re doing right, what you need to fix, and how to strengthen your overall email strategy. Includes a video breakdown and digital checklist that you or a member of your team can implement (this will be sold as an up-sell after the initial round of members – $249 value)
  • The “Deep Dive” – We’ll hop on Skype for a full hour where I help you nail down or perfect your target marketing so that you’re crystal clear on who you help, what your market is dying for, a products you can immediately begin create to help them ($399 value)
  • Email Access To Me – have a question about a product you’re creating? Need a suggestion for how to optimize an email or upcoming product launch you’re planning? Send me a note and I’ll respond in 24–48 hours with an answer you can run with.

Note: this is not “coaching via email” and all questions should be kept to 1–3 sentences so I can answer in a sufficient manner. Longer questions will be saved for the strategy calls you get as apart of being a Founding Member of Email Elite. (This will be good for 12 months and will evolve into “Office Hours” via an upcoming Slack group – hard to put value on this over 12 month period – estimating it easily over $799)

That brings us to $3,600+.

BUT, since this is round one, and since you’re a Founding Member, after all, I’m offering this to you at $49 a month, to be paid up front for the coming year, and no refunds in this first round – serious entrepreneurs only.

That’s a one-time investment of $588 for a 12 month membership (billed annually) including everything you just read for signing up in the next 24 hours to be a Founding Email Elite Member.

Another huge benefit, you’ll also lock yourself into this pricing – as the next round will increase substantially.

Ready to roll?

Click here to go to checkout and enter your credit card details.

You’ll be investing $588 for a 12 month membership and become a Founding Member of Email Elite – a truly prestigious title in my humble opinion ;)

You’ll receive next steps on Tuesday, April 12th with all the details, Community Group access, where to book our sessions together, and how to take advantage of the early bird bonuses.

Go here now to claim your seat as a Founding Member of Email Elite.

Remember, only 10 spots available, and no plan yet for when more will open.

Jeremy Montoya

PS – If you think this is for you, but have a few questions about specifics, then go here to book a 15 minute call with me to discuss if this is a fit for you – assuming all 10 spots haven’t already been claimed.