Email Elite – How To Create Predictable Income In Your Online Business (Even If You Have A Small Email List)

The Fluff-Free Method For Building An Email List And Monetizing It In As Little As 14 Days With

“Email Elite”

The Hybrid One-On-On Coaching Program And Community

Dear Entrepreneur,

If you run an online business and want to sell digital products and services that your email subscribers rush to purchase, then this webpage will show you how.

Here’s the skinny:

I-help-online-business-owners-grow-and-monetize-their-email-list-jeremy-montoyaMy name is Jeremy Montoya and in 2014 I had no idea how to make money online. I was drowning in debt, not knowing where my next dollar was coming from, and only had a tiny email list of 30 (or so) subscribers. I was passionate and knew I had something people wanted, but didn’t know the first thing about getting people excited – let alone how to get them to buy.

I sat in on webinar after webinar, reading countless books on social media and “personal branding”, and buying so many courses that I couldn’t possibly complete a single one – let alone get any results.

To make matters worse, I would stay up all night working on my business and a spark of genius would hit with a product I had to make. But when I would “launch” it…

No one would buy, let alone care.

I started to accept that I just wasn’t cut out for this “lifestyle business” stuff and was about to go job-hunting.

Then, possibly by divine intervention, a couple big-wigs in my space decided it was a good idea to implement 2 or 3 little ideas I had and it was off to the races.

Fast-forward to just a year later, and I have the type of business I imagined after reading books like 4-Hour Workweek and Crush It! – where I’m free to travel around the world with just my laptop, and people around the world look to (and respect) my opinion in my industry.

The truth is this:

When you know how to effectively build and sell to an email list, your subscribers will rush to buy your products and come back time and time again for more.

Now, after being interviewed and speaking at countless events like The Email Success Summit, I Love Marketing, and, dozens of entrepreneurs come to me every week asking for personal help with their email strategy to help them create the business they dream of.

That’s why I’ve created…

Email Elite:

How To Grow And Use Your Email List To Generate Thousands Of Dollars (even if you have a tiny email list or have never sold a single product)

In this hybrid one-on-one coaching and community mastermind, you’ll discover:

  • What to do in order to grow your email list (so that you can interact with a thriving community of fans that love you and buy your products)
  • How to effectively sell products online (without wasting countless hours wondering about what products your audience wants, let alone make a product they’ll never buy)
  • The best way to start making money online now (even if you don’t already have an email list)
  • How to prepare your email list to buy your products (so that when you launch, you experience of landslide of sales)
  • What to do if you have a tiny email list (yes, it’s possible to sell to your list – even if you only have 30 subscribers)
  • What to avoid if you’re dead-set on getting results in your online business
  • How to properly handle your email list (so that your subscribers look forward to your emails, read them, and then buy your products)
  • The most cost-efficient way to grow your online business (so that you’re not leeching money every month on tons of services that aren’t necessary)

The little-known fact about growing on online business is this:

You Don’t Need a “HUGE EMAIL LIST” In Order To Generate Substantial Profits While Truly Helping People And Improving The World

People value what you pay for, and are out there waiting for you to show them the way.

My email subscribers and private clients pay me upwards of $300 per hour (sometimes more) for my personal help and attention, but in Email Elite, you get the chance to work one-on-one with me and also be surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs on a mission to grow an ethical online business.

Here’s what you get:

  • Three 45-minute One-On-One Email And Product Launch Strategy Sessions (to be used in first 90 days).

This is where you get my full attention on you and your business to help you make breakthroughs with your email strategy, product strategy, and list-building efforts. – $742 value

  • One Monthly Exclusive Training 

Every month members will get access to a new (mostly) video training that dives into the different realms and aspects of creating and running a successful business (and sometimes life).

Past Exclusive Trainings have included “Goal Setting – What They Don’t Want You To Know“, “Storytelling – How To Avoid Boring People & Convince Them To Buy“, and “Before / During / After. How To Create, Launch, & Manage A Successful Coaching Program“.

Future trainings include “Email List Building – Creating A System That Does The Work FOR YOU“, “The Sales Page Conspiracy – Writing A Sales Page That Converts“, and “The Most Basic Sales Funnel You Never Created“.

Valued monthly at $199 per training, $69 for members.

  • Email Proof – Three Email Proofs Each Quarter

One of the questions I get asked most often is “Jeremy, will you take a look at this if I send it to you?”, and it’s hard to keep up with demand – that’s why I’ve made this an exclusive benefit of being an Email Elite Member. (After year one, you will get one email proof each quarter) – $660 value

  • Monthly “Jam Session” Group Q&A

We’ll hop on a hangout as a crew to talk over specific questions that are popping up in the group, trends I’m seeing, and other tips to help you expand your business – $330 value

  • Community Group To Share Tips And Stay Motivated

This is where we will all hangout and post wins, opportunities, and turn to when we need motivate or some words of wisdom. – $499 value

That’s a $2,200+ value.

You’ll also receive:

  • Email Access To Me – have a question about a product you’re creating? Need a suggestion for how to optimize an email or upcoming product launch you’re planning? Send me a note and I’ll respond in 24–48 hours with an answer you can run with.

Note: this is not “coaching via email” and all questions should be kept to 1–3 sentences so I can answer in a sufficient manner. Longer questions will be saved for the strategy calls you get as apart of your Email Elite Membership. (This will be good for 12 months and will go away to eventually evolve into “Office Hours” via an upcoming Slack group – hard to put value on this over 12 month period – estimating it easily over $799)

  • The 30-Minute Deep-Dive – We’ll hop on Skype for a 30 minutes where I show you how to nail down or perfect your target marketing so that you’re crystal clear on who you help, what your market is dying for, a products you can immediately begin create to help them ($199 value)
  • Email Elite T-Shirt – You’ll sport a limited-edition Email Elite Member T-shirt so you’ll be able to sport your commitment to growing your business ($29 value)

That’s $1027 in bonuses.

The above brings us to $3,457 in total value.

But today I’m doing something crazy that MANY of my peers and contemporaries have advised against…

This is the start of a monthly membership, and I’m looking for 10 entrepreneurs who are serious about growing together over the next year and beyond.

Email Elite is a $69 per month membership available regardless of your location.

(and your shirt will be shipped at my expense)

For less than $4 a day, you’ll be learning the fundamentals of running an online business without the fluff, constant distractions, and need to go from course-to-course – only to be without results and out of thousands of dollars.

However – a word of caution:

There is a no-refund policy, all sales are final. I’m only looking to work with serious entrepreneurs who are committed to their results – and to the group. So if you’re “on the fence” about growing a successful business, this simply isn’t for you.


You can sign up below and instantly become an Email Elite Member and we will start working together to grow your email list and sales so that you can finally have that business you’ve been dreaming of.


Sign Up Now.

Here’s to you and your business,

Jeremy Montoya