Crusin’ down the street in my 8-6

A quick story for you today:

I had just got my driver’s license and was driving around town in my grey 86 Mustang *trying* to look cool.

Then some random schmuck cut me off. Naturally, I punched the gas and started cookin’ down the road and cut THEM off.

Fast forward a few minutes later and we found ourselves stopped at the same red light.

Moral of the story?

I’m getting there amigo.

Nobody “won”.

The funny part is I see the same thing going on with most online entrepreneurs these days:

They’re up all night trying to “one-up” the “competition” instead of focusing on what matters:

Selling more stuff and helping more people.

When you’re focused on what others are doing or thinking, you’re just getting in your own damn way.

So the next time you find yourself looking to what your “competition” is doing or wondering “what they’ll think” – just pop open this email and repeat after me:


Now, if you’re a blogger focused on growing your business (by selling more stuff and helping more people), there’s no better way then to get them on your email list.

(prove me wrong plz)

I’ve been diggin’ on ConvertKit lately for my list and it’s worth checking out (especially if you’re using something like MailChimp).

That’s all for today,

Jeremy Montoya

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