“Cold Activated” product marketing

I am at my favorite coffee shop in my hometown and will have to leave shortly.

So no time to waste today.

In my last notes to you we covered where you should start with your marketing,

getting your audience in front of you,

and questions to ask them.

Now let’s dive into psychology.

For the sake of familiarity, we’ll use beer as an example today.

In his famous book, Breakthrough Advertising, Eugene Schwartz brilliantly explains the 5 levels of market sophistication.

We’ll talk about 3 levels for now.

(since I’m short on time)

When beer entered the market,

no one knew what it was.

This is Level 1.

So, by simply mentioning the drink,

people everywhere became familiar.

(a huge advantage for first-movers)

Then entered competitors and a need to explain the features and benefits of each beer.

^^that’s the second level of market sophistication.

In Level 3,

you have to point out something that makes your product better than others by discovering your unique mechanism.

Coors does this with their “Cold Activated Can” that tells you when it’s just the right temperature to enjoy.

These days,

there are hardly any new mass-markets…

… and look at just how crowded beer is as a category.

So, navigating your way through the other 4 levels of market sophistication is the name of the game.


I’ll be opening up my schedule to help a select handful of people take their products (or product ideas) through a carefully created process designed to set your offering apart from others.

Stay tuned.

In the meantime,

Do you feel your products are unique from others?

Hit reply and let me know,

Jeremy Montoya

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