Chubby toes and podcast shows

Growing up, calling myself chubby was an understatement.

(let’s just say I could see my toes, but they weren’t moving anywhere fast)

I latched onto comfort foods at a young age, and it got worse as I got older and started earning my own income and having my own car.

I ate just like everyone else around me.

Up until this last year, it was the standard american diet (I’ve figured out why they call it ‘SAD’), and most recently I’ve switched completely to a plant-based diet.

It wasn’t easy mentally.

You see, anything new and unfamiliar can feel strange and constraining.

Turning to Pinterest and some FaceBook groups to explore my options, a new World was opened up to me.

For a lack of better words, let’s just say I went a little ‘crazy.’

Vegan sweets.

‘Eggless’ rolls.

Tofu this. Tofu that.

Endless deliciousness.

(let’s just say I packed on a quick 10 pounds from my little vegan-treat binge)

You see, sometimes you sit at major crossroads in life – whether you know it not.

As you come to a new, unexplored door, the only way to explore what’s behind that door is to make a decision.

It’s the same with podcasting…

When you first get started, you take a look at what everyone else is doing and follow suite, instead of questioning actions and deciding what’s best for yourself.

And, when you start exploring, you can be easily mislead into focusing on the wrong things instead of the tasks that will actually grow your business and show.

And then…

You come back to reality, realizing that it’s investing time and money into things like your email list (not iTunes ratings, podcast artwork, and landing big interviews) that will actually pay your bills.

I’ve been there, and sure I will be again someday soon.

What about you?

Did you get sidetracked by what everyone else was doing instead of advancing the ball?

Respond to this now and let me know.


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