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2 “Spinning” your content to get a landslide of email subscribers

  • What I realized about list building and being a podcaster
  • Where to start (and what to offer) if you want to collect names and emails from your listeners
  • Why having a podcast doesn’t mean you have a business
  • The ONE question you NEED to ask yourself to help your audience implement your advice
  • How to get your audience to go from listeners to website traffic (and then into email subscribers)
  • How to be narrow and specific with your lead magnet (and avoid being general and vague)
  • The mindset from blogging that translates perfectly into podcasting
  • Where you should look to find out what to offer your audience  (hint: you’ve already done the hard work)
  • What happens when you actually solve your target audience problems
  • How to spin your content and get even more opt-ins
  • Why it’s not a bad thing to repurpose existing blog posts, podcast episodes, and content (and how it will STILL impact your audience)
  • What to do if you’re not in the internet marketing space (and why this concept will probably work better)
  • How to integrate your natural talents to build your list
  • The genius offer Amy Porterfield made to her audience (that will probably boost her sales and create even more success stories)
  • The two questions to ask yourself the next time you sit down to create content for your audience (that will cause a massive boost to your email subscriber list)
  • How to get your new subscribers to spread the word for you on social media

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What I’ve been doing (wrong) – Ep. 11 – The Montoya Experiment

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  • The biggest business lesson I’ve learned in 2015 (and what it means if you’re creating content online)
  • The “content trap” and how to avoid it
  • Is content (podcasts, blogs, videos, etc.) worthless? (hint: It is unless you have this specific type of business)
  • What happens when you don’t “right hook” or have anything to offer your audience
  • The major mental change that’s caused me to slow most of my content creation down to a minimum
  • What to do if you want to be like one of your heroes (online or in “real life”) – even if you have to pay
  • What most podcasters end up doing when they don’t know what to do (and what you should focus on if that’s you)
  • Don’t know what to say to your audience? Start doing this.

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Invest, or have a podcast like the rest…

What you’ll hear in this episode:

When I started podcasting, I wanted to know EVERY tool out there that would help my podcast in someway. What a waste of time. I’ve cut months (probably years) out of the search for the best resources, just for you. Download The Top Time-Saving Podcast Resources straight to your hard drive.

  • How podcasting is like raising a kid (and how to avoid raising a nutcase)
  • What you get by investing time and money into your show

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[ PODCAST ] Why your favorite expert is overrated and how to avoid their trap

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Here’s what you’ll get in this week’s episode:

When you’re done listening, be sure to download the ‘Digital Delivery Postman Method’ by clicking here. This is the exact workflow I use, and will help you to stay top of mind with your email list and podcast listeners.

  • The ONE purpose your podcast should serve (besides your audience)
  • Why you should stop asking for ratings and reviews in your show
  • How to connect with your audience beyond your show (hint: it’s not social media)
  • Why podcasting is a one-way street (the reason why I share my SoundCloud link OVER iTunes any day of the week)
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