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Frost-tipped online marketers

Online marketers are starting to look and sound a lot like MLM folks these days.

Guru’s and life coaches everywhere are “recruiting” people to their business by selling them the dream of instant success, BMW’s, and being able to travel the world by next week.

But the truth is – everyone gets got.

(even I’ve been had by these peeps before I knew better)

You’ll see them running Facebook ads standing in front of their fancy car, with their frost tipped hair and aviator sunglasses, claiming you can “start your movement” with a program valued at $29,000 – but selling it at $997.

Well my friend, I’ve sworn myself to always be upfront, honest, and straight forward with you.

That’s why I’m here today to tell you this:

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The entrepreneurial limbo

If you wanted your life to be easy you could just stay in your job or go get a new one right?

But, instead, every morning you wake up with a fire in your eyes knowing that somehow – some way – you’re going to make this “entrepreneur thing” work out.

You struggle to tell your family and friends what you *actually * do and deal with the weird looks around the dinner table during the holidays.

Everywhere you go you feel alone. The people around you are all starting to look like zombies who haven’t seen the kind of potential in themselves that you know deep down isn’t just a wish…

It’s reality.

This sheet isn’t easy, amigo.

No, it’s tough.

It’s a constant rollercoaster of “ah-ha” moments followed immediately by a slew “oh sh*t” moments.

But that’s the fun – living on your own terms or having a chance to do so.

To look society square in the face and say “I figured you out you little beotch”.

That’s the trophy, the prize – all the marbles.

Second to that is the feeling of bringing in more revenue or getting that next customer.

And – regardless of the stage you’re at – you need a constant stream of customers if you want to keep from boarding up the windows.

Three huge factors play into this:

  1. Getting good advice
  2. Knowing your market’s problems
  3. Getting paid

And when you nail those three parts, the heavens open, the clouds part, and Mark Cuban reaches his hand out to welcome you to the promise land.

Focusing on anything else means living in the entrepreneurial limbo of uncertainty and job searching.

Stop the sinning on your future self and focus on the three things that matter.

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Jeremy Montoya

Thankful For: Gurus Selling The Promise Land

Can you relate to this?…

There are so many places to get information from these days, that it’s nearly impossible to know who is credible and who’s not.

I’ve been through my stage of getting the runaround from the online gurus selling the promise land – but all of that went away as I put my head down and got to work.

Now as you read this I’m probably cheeks-deep in some sweet potatoes that are fresh-out-the-oven and some left over Chipotle.

(I don’t eat meat or much of the regular thanksgiving stuff, being vegan and all…)

And although I’m not big on Thanksgiving – I am huge on giving thanks.

So being the day that it is here in the US, I wanted to send some thanks out, and give you the vetted resources and people that have been lynchpins along my journey.

Here it goes:

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Episode 7 – The Future Of Social Media With Peter Shankman

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Is it true that nice guys (or gals) finish last?

Growing up, I heard this over, and over, and over…

Today’s guest, Peter Shankman, has spent a big portion of his career debunking this myth and sharing how companies and people can break through this limiting belief.

As the author of the best selling book “Nice Companies Finish First” (affiliate link), Peter shared his experience with the World’s top companies who stand out by simply being one-level above crap.

In his new book, titled “Zombie Loyalist – Using Great Service to Create Rabid Fans” (affiliate link), Peter is showcasing what it takes to build a cult-like following around your message.

Peter-Shankman-on-The-Montoya-Experiment---Being-NiceOn top of being a businessman and best selling author, Peter is a thought leader online.

He’s someone who has a sense for where things are headed and he shared his vision for what the future of social media will look like, and how it’ll impact our connected World.

Exclusive Download: Go here to download the free bonus that will help you prepare for the future of social media.

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