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Feeling thrilled by climbing hills

Writing this from my favorite hometown coffee shop.

While I don’t live in the area anymore, it’s always nice to visit.

At one point, it was my “Cheers”, so to say— and it’s nice to get a warm welcome every time I’m back.

Ok, on to business.

In my note to you yesterday, we covered the habit of success.

Today we’ll be talking about a much overlooked aspect of becoming successful in anything:


In your journey there are two approaches you’ll need to implement equal amounts of:

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Kinda like layman’s time-travel

I noticed something peculiar the other evening…

I was watching the NBA playoffs and was admiring one of the “all-star” players – Stephan Curry.

He does something better than most professional players.

At 6’ 3″,

Steph is shorter than most players on the court, but he’s one of the best shooters.

So, in order for him to take a shot,

he needs to get away from defenders so he doesn’t get blocked.

He’s an expert at one thing:

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mythological business creatures

Funny story:

I just got my website ripped to shreds by a couple friends.

Not in a bad way, either.

They pointed out some key things I need to address.

If you’re curious about the feedback, just hit reply.

This got me thinking…

You should never have a bunch of “yes men”-style people around you all the time.

Stick with the people who tell you what you need to hear without the B.S.

Because there’s enough BS out there in wild.

That said, let’s get into today’s lesson.

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