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How dare you.

I believe we’re each here to bring something extraordinary to the World.

Each of us – in some way – has something unique inside of us…

…. and the only thing we have to do is find it.


Being “of service” is the approach I take.

I also believe we all have a message in us that the World needs to hear.

Since our society has never been more connected

it creates one of the most incredible opportunities in all of time to spread our uniqueness and message.

Unfortunately for many,

we hold back our best selves,

our mission,

our calling,

because we “aren’t ready” or we wonder “what will others think”.

Reality says that you’ll never be ready and people will ALWAYS have their own opinion.


You’re the only one standing in your way.


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Big Picture. small picture.

I had super deep chat with my buddies last night that still has me thinking.

(maybe it was the early morning… Things get fuzzy after travel and switching timezones)

Any who…

When you get to the bottom of it,

there are very few things in life that matter…


it can be so easy to lose sight of how far you’ve come,

what you’ve learned so far,

and for all the things you DO have.

I mean,

This online business stuff is fun but I’d trade it in an instant for my family’s health.

At the same time,

we entrepreneurs risk practically everything for the chance to create something great.

Something that withstands time,

provide for our families,

and sends us to bed with a feeling of accomplishment.

Life is short.

^^that’s why it’s important to keep the big AND small picture in mind.

Being grateful that you can walk, talk, and think while also having a deep rooted feeling of unsatisfaction that wakes you up everyday to sell like hell and leave no cards unturned.

Somedays you’ll feel great,

and others you’ll feel like you aren’t going anywhere.

Either way,

say “thanks” and move on to the next moment.

Action starts the process and sales cures all.

More info on Email Elite here:


Jeremy Montoya


Knocking reality right on it’s sad caboose

I was working at Apple happy as a chap when I came across the 4 Hour Workweek.

Everything I knew was stripped naked for what it was,

leaving 23 year-old me pondering what I wanted next.

I chose my time as my number 1 priority at that moment and creating an online business as the vehicle.

Most folks here state-side are celebrating “freedom and independence” today

while taking the day off from their J-O-B that’s required to pay for all the things they desire…

perpetually keeping them bonded to trade their time for the greenback.



I’m just sipping away at this chai tea latte at some random Starbucks I found after lunch with the roomie and enjoying the A/C.

As entrepreneurs we’ll all face a moment like I once did.

Do you keep doing what isn’t working?

Or do you try something different?

If you’re reading this, I know you’ve chosen the latter.

You’ve chosen to take control of your own economy,

to create a workforce of your own,

and to say “yes” to what you want without the input from what society wants.

^^that’s the ultimate sign of freedom, and in my opinion,

one of the most respectable things you can do for yourself, family, and future.

Right now,

the media, large corporations, governments, and everyone else want us to buy their version of reality.

But as entrepreneurs we’re creating our own set of rules to live by,

our own demands,

our own security.

We’re learning from some of the greatest acts in history worldwide about what it means to be “free and independent”

and we’re not waiting on anybody else for it.

That’s how it should be.

We all have something that knocks “reality” right on it’s sad caboose.

Maybe it was a book,

a Saturn return (look it up),

or a dramatic life event.

Either way:

It happened.

Or is happening.

If your goal is time-freedom and true independence,

then you have to treat your time like money and invest it in the future.

This makes the most reliable bet in yourself, in systems, and in your education.

If you agree with the above mindset, then joining a program like Email Elite is no gamble.

It’s a hyper-charged way to get results in your business in life without feeling alone with tons of questions about “how does this apply to me” like most digital products create.

Be your own founding father, saving grace, and creator of the reality you desire.

It’s all yours here:


Jeremy Montoya


Time-robbing criminal activity

I’m writing this to you from my favorite hipster coffee shop in phoenix.

Every Sunday I head here after making a routine visit to a vegan brunch restaurant I love to wrap up the week and write my note to you.

Routines have been a huge focus in my life the last 24 months,

but I’ve never been big on them.

So, why routines?

One – because it’s easy to let things fall between the cracks when you’re not in the habit of executing consistently.

Two – routines gets you in habit of executing consistently

Third – they help you save time as you get better and faster.

I hammer home the importance of execution and time with Email Elite Members over and over again,

while handing them powerful strategies to easily gain 10–20 hours a week during our first call.


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They’ll hate when you’re great

Last night the NBA finals came to an end.

Even if you aren’t a sports fan,

there are some big takeaways you can apply to grow your business and launch products online.


< Dealing With Haters >

The Cleveland Cavaliers won in San Francisco.

From start to finish you could hear the Golden State fans constantly booing.

Yet, the Cavs pushed through the final seconds and came out with the W.

Do you think the booing gets under their skin?

It could.

But at the end of the day it’s the great ones who will be hated the most.

</ Dealing With Haters >

Another lesson…

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Impacting *everything else*

Q: How do you/I know what One Thing to pick and focus on?

^^^Good question in from Elite Member Ntathu to yesterday’s email about picking what to focus on.

In the book, The ONE Thing, authors Gary Keller and Jay Papasan advocate for finding:

“the one thing, that by doing, would impact everything else.”

Filtered through my eyes, it’s:

  1. What’s your number one goal?
  2. What would increase your odds most of hitting your number 1 goal.

Do that.

A question your could use to figure that out:

“What would save me the most time in regards to getting to my number 1 goal?”

Sometimes that answer is, “send an email” or “ask questions”.

Other times it’s “make that major decision” or “get task X done”.

<let’s bring our attention back to our conversation around balance the other day>

It’s easy to take all of this and say, “what about life?”

Well, sweetie…

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Feeling thrilled by climbing hills

Writing this from my favorite hometown coffee shop.

While I don’t live in the area anymore, it’s always nice to visit.

At one point, it was my “Cheers”, so to say— and it’s nice to get a warm welcome every time I’m back.

Ok, on to business.

In my note to you yesterday, we covered the habit of success.

Today we’ll be talking about a much overlooked aspect of becoming successful in anything:


In your journey there are two approaches you’ll need to implement equal amounts of:

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