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Thankful For: Gurus Selling The Promise Land

Can you relate to this?…

There are so many places to get information from these days, that it’s nearly impossible to know who is credible and who’s not.

I’ve been through my stage of getting the runaround from the online gurus selling the promise land – but all of that went away as I put my head down and got to work.

Now as you read this I’m probably cheeks-deep in some sweet potatoes that are fresh-out-the-oven and some left over Chipotle.

(I don’t eat meat or much of the regular thanksgiving stuff, being vegan and all…)

And although I’m not big on Thanksgiving – I am huge on giving thanks.

So being the day that it is here in the US, I wanted to send some thanks out, and give you the vetted resources and people that have been lynchpins along my journey.

Here it goes:

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