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Reminder – Last chance to access simple frameworks that make storytelling simple + effective

Heads up:

If you want access to this month’s Exclusive Training, dubbed:

“Storytelling: How To Avoid Boring People & Convince Them To Buy”

This is your last chance.

You’d love it if:

  • You’ve heard about storytelling but don’t know quite where to start
  • You’re already making content online but want some simple (and effective) frameworks you can follow to make your content stand out
  • You want to make your podcasts, Youtubes, and sales copy memorable and shareable by anyone who comes across it

Storytelling isn’t as easy as a lot of folks online these days make it seem…

… unless you have easy to follow frameworks and rules.

Join now before this training goes away:


Jeremy Montoya


Behind every click lies a Hare getting you to tick

I get some weird looks whenever I disclose my favorite business book.

Most people standby waiting to hear something like “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.

Or, better:

Awaken The Giant Within”.

But it’s neither.

It’s actually “The Tortoise And The Hare”.

While it’s never been easier to setup websites, create a funnel, or even publish a book…

… it’s never been harder to be successful at it.

(meaning “making money”)

In the grand scheme of things,

there are few people with the fortitude strong enough to pick a lane and stay in it.

Around every corner and behind every click lies a Hare selling you a growing amount of fluff and distractions that make you feel like you’re making progress, and looking like a champ–

–but below the line your checking account stays the same.

How do I know?

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List risk

I’m rehydrated, refueled, and happy with the dirty chia I’m sipping as I write this.

Last night we celebrated my sister’s 30th lap,

which got me thinking…

Celebrating and having a little bit of fun is essential, but it’s easy to get distracted by it.

For instance:

When Rome fell, the entire civilization was concerned with two things:

Entertainment (in the form of gladiator events) and food.

They got distracted, fattened up, and lost sight of what matters.

(this actually sounds a lot like today’s society)

It’s a similarly slippery slope in online business,

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You are what you think you are

Today we’re celebrating my sister’s 30th birthday and we’ve gone “all out”.

Party bus, tons of drinks, lounge rented out in downtown.

(you get the picture)


Sis is one of the most fun people to be around…

She’s one of those “young at heart” people who lifts everyone’s mood who’s she’s around.

She’s proof (to me) that age is a mindset,

And that the “story” you hold in your mind is one that becomes true in front of you.

Is there a link here with this month’s Exclusive Training on storytelling?



June 1 marks the deadline to get in on this month’s training –

“Storytelling: How To Avoid Boring People & Convince Them To Buy”.

On top of that, you’ll also get 3 one-on-one coaching calls, live Q&A sessions, and email access to me.

(so that you can ask any question about list-building, monetization, or anything your little heart desires)

Off to nap and get ready for the madness.

(I’m an “old soul” hehe)

Join Email Elite before this training goes to the archives here:


Jeremy Montoya


Stand out like a sore thumb to your market

Just got done with a meeting with my good friend Damien.

He’s one of very few people who I’ll take advice from about branding

(because everyone thinks they know what they’re talking about, but few actually do).

We got to talking about something that very little actually focus on,

but more should:

Market positioning.

At the end of the day,

branding is the differentiating of yourself or a product from the rest of the market.


even if there are 14 other “me-too” brands or people in your space,

your job is to be the one that stands out.

How do you do it?


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How screenwriters avoid boring people to death

The most important asset you have in your online business–

(maybe even more-so than your email list)

–is attention from the right people.

For instance:

I hear many business owners online talking about bounce rates these days.

(as if they’re the ‘end-all’ metric for running a business)


it’s important to measure,

but how you actually create your content is the cure.

Example, you ask?

Take the last 5 TV shows you watched.

The ones that you enjoyed most were probably the ones that got your attention in the first few minutes.


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3 “Boredom Factors” causing your audience to fall asleep from your content and products

With so many aspects to creating a good story,

it’s easy to make mistakes.


if you’re selling products or services online it can cost you tons of money if you don’t know what you’re doing.

While I don’t have enough room to list all of the mistakes I see being made on even a daily basis,

(trust me, there are many)

the number 1 mistake I see being made is people telling (potentially) interesting stories in a boring way.

Here are 3 “Boredom Factors” to avoid that indicate your audience is probably falling asleep from your content and products:

Boredom Factor #1: You’re story feels “too wide”

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