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A constant stream of leads as fruitful as the fountain of youth

Truth be told:

I’m 99% useless.


But that 1% left over – watch out.

And while there are endless amounts of skills that fall into the 99%,

I just try to spend as much time as possible in the 1% so that I can achieve extraordinary results.

One of the things that takes me out of that 1%:

Focusing on the non-essential.

One of those non-essential things to me is social media.

(ok, it’s at the bottom of the list)

Any who,

there is one thing SM has actually been helpful for with:

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9 How To Avoid A Product Launch Failure

At every stage of life there’s the ‘it’ thing to do or have.

In elementary school it was yo-yo’s.

When I was in high school you were cool if you had an iPod.

Nowadays, having an online course is the “it” thing.

Creating an information product online isn’t hard, though.

Creating it is actually the easy part.

The hardest part (and where most online business owners fail) lies in the product launch and getting people to buy it.

Product launch after product launch you see people creating online courses or information products and “hitting it big” as they report back on their hundreds of billions of dollars they just made.

What makes those products a success versus the plethora of failures?

Let’s talk about some of the reasons most online entrepreneurs fail at creating and launching their first product successfully…

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Reason #1: You don’t know what your audience wants (in their own words)

Often times you have an idea of what your potential customers might want…

… but if you want your product to be a success, not only does your product have to be what people want – it has to be worded in the way they think about it.

For instance:

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Inspector Gadget goes bonkers in your market

Writing this as efficiently as possible from my favorite hipster coffee shop in Phoenix before my next appointment,

so let’s pickup where we left off yesterday:

Making your products unique from everyone else’s.

I’ll assume you know why your products need to be unique.

For starters,

You have to know the field your playing on.

That said, it’s time to go “Inspector Gadget” in your market.

If you haven’t created your product yet (but have validated that people will pay for it),

then do this right now:

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