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Puff Daddy’s list-building conundrum

There’s a lot of talk these days about why you should build an email list.

But what’s often forgotten is some of the negative sides of building an online business…

… so here are 4 quick reasons why you SHOULD NOT build an email list.

Number 1: Everyone has an opinion

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“I can make you a success story overnight”

My buddy Andrew explained to me awhile back that he’s been helping some non-profits

and he just got on the board of a new one.

While in his first meeting with them they explained their hefty fundraising goal

but went on to focus on their logo,


and a bunch of other minor (and not important) details.

Reminds of most entrepreneurs who spring up overnight and expect to be making money the next day.

It doesn’t work like that amigo.

You see,

just like america is being marketed to be skinny,


and to follow the heard –

entrepreneurs are being told it’s possible to make money over night simply by joining the latest social media revolution,

doing webinars,

or making a course.

(of course without any experience, audience, or money)

They get their hopes up

The truth is that it takes two things:

Hard work & focus.

It’s about laser-lining your marketing efforts so that you only speak to the ideal people and cutting away the fat.

I floundered around for years going from course to course and expert to expert trying to find the way…

What’d I do once I figured “it” out?

I started documenting it and putting it here.

Jeremy Montoya

When your products stink like poo

I spent this last weekend in the town of Noel, Missouri.

If you’re not familiar – there’s a lot of trees, huge rivers, lots of cows, no internet, etc.

(really stinks like poo)

Any who,

I was out there for my buddies bachelor party and was told we were staying at a “resort”.

Well, let’s just say this was what you would “resort” too if you were staying in backwoods and wanted an upgraded camping experience.

The people who were there loved it.

Others would never spend a penny on it.

(me, one of the them)

That’s what being niche does.

It attracts some and repels other.

Much like poo.

While your products and services shouldn’t smell like poo – they should attract the ones who love it –

(follow me here)

– and repel the majority that doesn’t.

The best way I know how to make this happen?

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Do this first – then ditch the guru

Just sat down at the coffee shop in Phoenix.

I’m a little tired after hitting the town last night but all is well.

For some reason last night I was reminded of a few years back when I was trying to build a blog and a podcast with a close friend.

We wound up dating but fell apart after a series of events I take full ownership for.

But you know what,

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When your product falls right on it’s a-$-$

When you’re selling products and coaching services online it seems like there are one of two results…

The first is that people rush to buy your product,

and second is that it falls on it’s a$$.

A few months back I was walking around a rainy San Francisco and I heard this:

“Umbrellas – 7 dollars.”

At the time, everyone around me was soaking wet and it was starting to rain harder.

Which got me thinking…

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On it’s way out: Email Elite August Exclusive Training

After a few recent inquiries I figure an update would be good…

Question #1: What is Email Elite?

Email Elite combines personal help with self-help to guide you in starting, growing, or expanding your business online.

The program was built to help you build an email list and monetize it in as little as 14 days.

Question #2 : Who is Email Elite for?

Email Elite is THE program for online entrepreneurs who’ve realized their email list is their most important asset – but have delayed focusing on it.

Maybe you were making too much content,

maybe you know what to do but aren’t doing it,

or you’re new to world of creating an online business.

If you’ve been trying and trying and nothing seems to “stick” with building your email list and business online and are ready for a necessary change –

Email Elite is for you.

You’ll get access to me and my experience from serving, working besides, and getting mentored by some of the top names online.

Question #3: How does Email Elite work?

Email Elite will walk you through the process of creating and leveraging an email list step-by-step through a combo of one-on-one coaching calls and an “Exclusive Training” sent to your inbox the first part of each month.

These Exclusive Trainings are created around a topic designed to transform your business and life and “go deep” on ideas like storytelling, practical list-building strategies, target marketing, monezation, and how to optimize your life as an Entrepreneur to basically guarantee your success.

Each Member currently gets three coaching sessions as a part of their subscription along with weekly accountability and email access to me.

(this will change in the near future and will include less one-on-one time – making it a great reason to join now.)

Question #3: How much does Email Elite cost?

An Email Elite Membership – which includes 3 one-on-one coaching calls, a new Exclusive Training each month, Q&A “Jam Sessions”, and email access to me – costs less per-day than the smoothie you enjoyed this morning at just $69 per month.

The investment will soon increase so if you’re on the fence about joining the program now’s the time to action.


Jeremy Montoya

PS – Here’s just a taste of what’s in this month’s Exclusive Training:

  • When (and when not) to segment your subscribers (and how to avoid making a mess out of your email service provider)
  • A highly underrated way to welcome new subscribers to your business and offerings (I’m experimenting now across all of my businesses)
  • How much time you should spend in each of your audience segments (so that your list doesn’t become something you dread touching)
  • What email service providers to avoid completely if you want an easy-to-manage business with multiple product offers

And, as a special bonus only for current and new members who join before tonight’s deadline:

A video walkthrough of my system for spending less than 30 minutes per day easily publishing content online that generates traffic and attracts ideal subscribers day in and out.

[Join before Midnight PST to get the above sent directly to you.]((http://emailelite.co)

PSS – h/t to Email Elite Member Julie for suggestion the fore-mentioned bonus.

How to “pistachio” your business

While on an Email Elite Coaching Session with Member Julie earlier today:

At the beginning of each session we go over the number one goal of the call.

She proclaims:

“How do I pistachio my business?”

Great question.

If you’re new around here,

she’s referring to advice I reference from time to time from Sally Hogshead.

You see…

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