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9 How To Avoid A Product Launch Failure

At every stage of life there’s the ‘it’ thing to do or have.

In elementary school it was yo-yo’s.

When I was in high school you were cool if you had an iPod.

Nowadays, having an online course is the “it” thing.

Creating an information product online isn’t hard, though.

Creating it is actually the easy part.

The hardest part (and where most online business owners fail) lies in the product launch and getting people to buy it.

Product launch after product launch you see people creating online courses or information products and “hitting it big” as they report back on their hundreds of billions of dollars they just made.

What makes those products a success versus the plethora of failures?

Let’s talk about some of the reasons most online entrepreneurs fail at creating and launching their first product successfully…

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Reason #1: You don’t know what your audience wants (in their own words)

Often times you have an idea of what your potential customers might want…

… but if you want your product to be a success, not only does your product have to be what people want – it has to be worded in the way they think about it.

For instance:

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More “likes” and followers

A confession:

Target Market 1.0 – the live Masterclass I’ve been promoting…

Well, it’s just a test.

You see, at a high-level, I know exactly what it is you need…

And, I see what you’re already buying:

Products that won’t get you closer to dollars without having an email list.

That’s what sparked the idea behind Target Market 1.0.

(which already has a new name internally)

Here’s what I mean by “test”:

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The exception is social media

It’s happening again…

You’re talking with someone you know is a fit for your product, and they’re grilling you with questions you deserve to get paid for answering.

This doesn’t happen much in my business anymore – with the exception of social media.

For instance, I got back into town from San Francisco last night when my phone lit up with notifcations – one of them from social media.

It read:

“I just learned about this form of income tonight. I’ve already watched around 3–4 hours of video and I’m almost Ready to make money using email lists.

I should mention I’m 17 years old and I’ve never been more confident that I could get really good at this fast.

I just need someone that will help me, without trying to put me on their list themselvs. I need some actual free help.”


It wasn’t all that long ago that my inbox and text log was filled with conversations like these.

And, when I finally got clear on my purpose in business, who was perfect for my help, and what I was offering them did these requests go away.

(Now, on social media it’s a different story – it attracts a ton of “freebie” seekers in it’s nature)

However, when your list and site are set up with the proper mindset these people kinds of people are practically repelled compeltely.

Here’s what it comes down to:

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The last thing you want to be to your market

A heated conversation broke out last night…

I was detailing how I recommend structuring your business (clients, email, sales, everything) to my buddy when he popped his inbox open.

He signed up for 2 webinars that day (to see how they would be marketed to, smart.)

… and 15 emails later, he was annoyed.

15 emails in 24 hours, mind you, between 2 internet marketers.

In his words, he felt they were “nagging” him and kept “tapping him on the shoulder”.

Take a look at your inbox right now…

It’s the same story over and over.

Back to back (to back) emails about the live webinar you missed and to “act fast” to get the replay.

The last thing you ever want to be to your readers is “nagging”.

So take a page out of my book and do what I’ll be doing more of in the new year:

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