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Product Launch

Get your email subscriber’s tails wagging

I’ve noticed something funny when I’ve been playing with Elvis lately.

Like any dog he enjoys his toys.


Unlike the dogs that come to mind – my Yorkshire Terrorist has a bit of an attitude problem.

If I throw the toy to a part of the yard he doesn’t like he just looks at me like “you get it”.

Attitude problems.

Any who,

I’ve found a quick way to avoid this little attitude problem that translates directly into landing quality email subscribers:

Instead of just throwing the toy for him to “fetch”

I get him wild up by waving the toy around

getting him to bite at it while pulling it away

and play with his patience.

Then I throw.

The result:

He runs at it like a gazelle hunting zebra in the wild.

Should you “toy” with potential subscribers and customers?

Not necessarily.


If you care deeply about your market’s issues and they are hesitant to take action

then consider what you can do to make sure they’re excited about your emails and offers by creating scarcity, urgency, and limited offerings.

More list-building methods to wag a tail at here:


Jeremy Montoya


The bad kind of “blow up”

Facebook has been making big plans during the last few years to bring internet to places where it doesn’t exist.


Zucks contracted Elon Musk’s SpaceX to help launch one of their major satellites that carries said internets into the ether.


shit hit the proverbial fan yesterday when the shuttle blew up on launch.

(mercury retro much?)

No bueno.

I imagine Zucks wasn’t all too happy.

But he isn’t alone…

As online businesses owners sometimes things will blow up right in front of you.


In the heat of the moment it comes down to how you handle it.

Regardless of the situation you need to a have a plan.

The best one:

customers and potential ones.

(AKA an email list)

Building your list isn’t rocket science (per say)

but most course creators are out pimping content and products that make it confusing.

For personal help and monthly trainings designed to keep your launch for detonating,

go here:


Jeremy Montoya

Puff Daddy’s list-building conundrum

There’s a lot of talk these days about why you should build an email list.

But what’s often forgotten is some of the negative sides of building an online business…

… so here are 4 quick reasons why you SHOULD NOT build an email list.

Number 1: Everyone has an opinion

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When your product falls right on it’s a-$-$

When you’re selling products and coaching services online it seems like there are one of two results…

The first is that people rush to buy your product,

and second is that it falls on it’s a$$.

A few months back I was walking around a rainy San Francisco and I heard this:

“Umbrellas – 7 dollars.”

At the time, everyone around me was soaking wet and it was starting to rain harder.

Which got me thinking…

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Be a psychic (not a psycho) in your market

As I gaze into my crystal ball– er, inbox:

I seriously swear you can read my mind!

Since growing my list implementing your tips these are the EXACT issues I could use help with.

Do you still require annual billing? Or am I able to sign up for individual trainings?






Any who…

You can now join Email Elite as a monthly member,

brining the investment to only $69 a month.

Will I ever sell trainings “stand alone”?

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The “no bueno” stuff (unfortunately) sells

Writing this to you as I wait for my buddy Ethan at a local Starbucks to talk about some paid traffic stuff,

but today feels “odd”.

Even Zach, the lad who delivers my lunch everyday, felt the same:

It feels like a Friday.


as entrepreneurs we have the chance for everyday to feel the way we want.

It can be “Monday” everyday of the week if you let it,

or you can be fired up and make everyday a “Friday”.

The choice is yours.

It takes some elbow grease to setup the exact kind of lifestyle you want,

but it’s all possible the second you start making offers and selling things.


it’s important these offers are what the audience you’re building wants.

But more important is that you’re creating the right offers at the right time.

Your first product being a course = no bueno.

^^but that’s what “sells” these days.

It’s also why so many don’t make it.

They choose website design over list-building,

Social media over getting on the phone with potential clients,

and creating either $7 eBooks or $499 courses instead of coaching first.

But not you.

I hold you to a higher standard,

same as I do paying members of Email Elite.


members get one-on-one coaching,

Q&A Jam Sessions to get their questions answered,

and a new members-only Exclusive Training every month.

This month:

“Before / During / After. How To Create, Launch, & Manage A Successful Coaching Program”

All this for less than what’s probably in your pocket right now.

Sign up before Midnight PST tonight to get access to this training and all of the above.

After Midnight, this training goes into the archives.

Sign up now here:


Jeremy Montoya


“you didn’t give a ****!”

New Email Elite Member Paul chimes in my initial approach online:

“I went through your old Youtube videos and you didn’t give a ****!”

^^not in regards to what I said…

but more in how I/it looked,

not caring that it was “low production”,

and that I just showed up to help.

If you’re teaching people anything online these days I suggest you learn to do the same.

Back in the day I was going through a lot.

I’ll spare the details.

At the end of the day you have to take out your personal concerns and genuinely care more about your audience’s problems than you do about your own.

Who cares if your latest thing doesn’t look or feel perfect?

Do you think it will help your audience now and in the future?

Ship it.

Anyone who judges you is probably scared of putting themselves out in front of people and trying to “play from the sidelines”.

Well, sweetheart,

the game ain’t played on the sidelines.

It’s played when you show up daily,

when you aim to be helpful,

and when you put your audience’s concerns ahead of your own.


I made my point…

Onto this month’s Email Elite Exclusive Training.

It’s titled:

“Before / During / After. How To Create, Launch, & Manage A Successful Coaching Program”

You’re making a huge mistake if you aren’t starting out your by offering coaching before creating your other products.

Coaching puts you in front of your market daily and helps you create what some people are calling a

“river of content”, or

“river of products” in your business because of the feedback you get.

Get an in-depth walkthrough for finding your first clients, launching your coaching program, and exactly how to keep it manageable with systems and processes when you sign up before tomorrow at midnight.

More info on the monthly program that may not taste as good as your daily cup of coffee (but definitely costs less) here.

Jeremy Montoya