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A constant stream of leads as fruitful as the fountain of youth

Truth be told:

I’m 99% useless.


But that 1% left over – watch out.

And while there are endless amounts of skills that fall into the 99%,

I just try to spend as much time as possible in the 1% so that I can achieve extraordinary results.

One of the things that takes me out of that 1%:

Focusing on the non-essential.

One of those non-essential things to me is social media.

(ok, it’s at the bottom of the list)

Any who,

there is one thing SM has actually been helpful for with:

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2016 Online Business Predictions

Only 11 days late – but here are my predictions for the landscape of running an online business in 2016:

1) The beginning of “Social Media Shaming”

I expect this to play out just like cigarettes over the last decade.

A few years back I noticed how much people love posting about “how bad their life is” or talking about things they have no control over.

Little by little people are starting to disconnect from Facebook and the like – and I hear grumblings of a movement starting.

Everything in life is like a pendulum – and social media is no different.

We’ve gone to the far right, and now it’s time to swing back.

2) Email performs better than ever

A revelation has taken place over the last year or so…

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