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Inspector Gadget goes bonkers in your market

Writing this as efficiently as possible from my favorite hipster coffee shop in Phoenix before my next appointment,

so let’s pickup where we left off yesterday:

Making your products unique from everyone else’s.

I’ll assume you know why your products need to be unique.

For starters,

You have to know the field your playing on.

That said, it’s time to go “Inspector Gadget” in your market.

If you haven’t created your product yet (but have validated that people will pay for it),

then do this right now:

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3 questions you need to ask your list, potential clients, and future customers

In my last note to you we talked about getting your target audience in front of you…

… because you need attention before you can ever make a sale.


now let’s talk about a few answers you need to get from the people in front of you.

(whether it’s subscribers on your list, attendees to a webinar, or a client-to-contractor scenario)

To sell products online (like courses and guides)

and services (like coaching and done-for-you),

you have to know where you want the conversation to head…

Which should ideally be to a sale.

For starters,

always aim to sell to the “converted”.


Your prospects are aware of their problems and actively looking for a solution.

This helps you avoid coming off as “salesy” or “scammy”.

That said,

Here are 3 (of many) questions you’ll need to get to the bottom of with your email subscribers and prospects:

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That b-word has it right

Saw this quote earlier that rang a bell:

“We are not tied to a specific technology or skill set – we are tied to our customers and work backward from that.”

You know,

it can feel like you’re making progress on building your business by signing up for an email service provider,

setting up your blog,

or getting biz cards created.

But those things only distract you from doing what matters most:

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