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Inside a politicians list-building antics

Every year around this time,

the TV is non-stop with election ads trying to get me to “vote for you”.

Yeah, tough luck.

In a world where everyone is doing the same thing,

it only takes a small (but bold) action to stand out.

For instance…

I remember sitting in my parents living room when I was younger, and at 7 PM one night the door bell rang.

It was a familiar face

(I think the guys daughter played softball with my sister)

and he seemed to be making his rounds through the neighborhood.

My parents invited him in and he explained that he was running for mayor.

At the time, he had a tight budget and worked a full-time job.

But in his little spare time he hoofed it on foot around the city knocking door-to-door to build relationships to show why they should vote for him.

He could’ve spent what little money he did have to send out direct mail pieces.

Or, he could’ve borrowed money to run a TV ad.

This reminds me of most people trying to build an email list these days…

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Feeling thrilled by climbing hills

Writing this from my favorite hometown coffee shop.

While I don’t live in the area anymore, it’s always nice to visit.

At one point, it was my “Cheers”, so to say— and it’s nice to get a warm welcome every time I’m back.

Ok, on to business.

In my note to you yesterday, we covered the habit of success.

Today we’ll be talking about a much overlooked aspect of becoming successful in anything:


In your journey there are two approaches you’ll need to implement equal amounts of:

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Pop your “fluffy comfort bubble”

I’m super sore from back to back gym sessions–

–and I’m committed to getting back into the habit.

You know,

that’s how life goes sometimes.

You can have those 6 pack abs,

all the girls or guys you could fathom,

the peace of mind of never having to worry about money every again,

that dream business you keep thinking about…

It’s all there for you.


it’s behind a door, called:

How bad do you really want it?

Any who,

let’s get into today’s lesson.

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