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4 3 Psychological Reasons Why You Aren’t Finding Clients

When’s the last time you looked at Apple’s product line-up?

Browse online or take a walk into one of their stores and you’ll notice something very particular:


By keeping things so basic and straight-forward, it makes it easy to see why people should by.

Unfortunately for most entrepreneurs, we enjoy doing the exact opposite.

We make it hard for potential clients to see why they should buy our services and pimp ourselves out hour-by-hour…

Or even for free.

How do you attract customers so that you don’t have to feel like you’re always “pitching”?

How do you get so crystal-clear on what you offer that you hardly have to do any talking?

And how do you avoid time-wasting mistakes designed to keep you from getting money?

Let’s find out.

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Less Bob Saget, and more Bob Ross

Many a sleepless nights I’ve spent thinking about this:

Teachers being paid less than celebrities.

How is it that the people who raise our future get paid pennies on the dollar? whereas the entertainers make more than they know what to do with.

But, after pondering, a valuable business lesson sits in the (unfortunate – but profitable) scenario.

Look at your inbox these days and you see the same thing:

marketer after marketer trying to teach you step 1-done to get your dream result.

Every answer you could possibly want sits on the internet somewhere, completely for free. Yet somehow, people are still fat, broke, unhappy, heartbroken, and miserable.

We’re too lazy to make it through the education to get to the end result.

The information is drowning you (and your customers), and we’re all looking for a deeper connection.

So then what’s the key to making it through the clutter your market is experiencing?

And how do you stand so far apart from your competition that it makes them pale in comparison?

The answer is simple:

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Toe-to-toe with Chuck E. Cheese

Remember the big debacle that happened to Dominoes Pizza a few years back?

Taste test results were revealed – pitting them in last place, toe-to-toe, with none other than Chuck E. Cheese’s.

No bueno.

Dominoes had to figure something out.

What’d they do?

They did a deep dive on the things that made them unique and found one small way they could stand out amongst competitors.

Their new focus:

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Make money WITHOUT social media or an email list

When you go to the doctor, you expect them to tell you exactly what’s going on without sugarcoating it.

And that’s what I aim for in every email I send you.

Today’s no different…

Because I have something you need to hear (that if applied properly – could help you generate enough revenue before the end of this month to question every course you’ve bought, guru you follow, and book your reading) so buckle up and get ready for the ride.

Here goes it:

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