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That b-word has it right

Saw this quote earlier that rang a bell:

“We are not tied to a specific technology or skill set – we are tied to our customers and work backward from that.”

You know,

it can feel like you’re making progress on building your business by signing up for an email service provider,

setting up your blog,

or getting biz cards created.

But those things only distract you from doing what matters most:

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Business building and making the “email monkey” dance

From my inbox this morning:

I have been studying and researching for a long time. I really want to start online, especially with an e-mail list, but I’m stuck where it seems everyone else does:

What’s my niche?

Any tips on finding this out?

I’ll say the same thing I tell my students –

(who I often refer to as “Day Job Ditchers”):

You shouldn’t start with an email list.

^^ya, I said it.

List-building takes time, sweet thang.


if your goal is to quickly create a stream of revenue – so that you can leave your job, create your own financial security, and be in control of your destiny – then wait on the email list.

What to do instead?

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45% open rates = email game strong

I see this happening over and over:

A product idea comes to mind so you rush to start putting it together and launching it to your list.

No strategy.

No “here’s what I think I’ll do…”

Just pure winging-it.

While this can sometimes work – it never ends purtty.

You end up attracting customers who are a pain or who end up refunding because you didn’t take the proper time to think your strategy through.

That’s what I’ve seen as I’ve helped dozens of online entrepreneurs strengthen their email game and get more sales (and subscribers) in the process.

Like my partner Kristian Cotta, for example:

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More milage = more leads & sales

Recently had a chat with an old podcasting buddy…

He started off going in one direction (with a ton of content, podcast, etc.) but recently shifted.

Now, he’s sending a weekly newsletter and asking his personal friends and family to join his list and growing his business that *actually* makes him money.

(super smart to start)

At the end of our convo, he asked me for things he could be doing differently to get more milage out of his emails to get more leads and close more sales.

Here’s what I told him:

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