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Do that thang, then tell your list

Today, a confession:

Well before I started focusing on building my list I had this mental block…

I knew I could gather a list and make my aweber happy, but I didn’t know what I would send them.

Maybe once or twice a month I would send something out about my podcast or a “how-to” article of some kind.

But I struggled.

Nowadays I hear this a lot:

But Jeremy, I’m not a writer!

I’m no writer either.

In fact, I’m much more comfortable in front of the camera or a live audience than I am behind the keyboard.

(you’ve seen my typos and words I often make up as I go)

Which is why self-awareness is so key.

You don’t have to write emails like I do, make videos, or live-stream…

But you must do this:

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The death of email

There’s an untold story about this thing we call email.

You see, at one point in time email could only be used to send messages computer-to-computer on the same network.

Then a man by the name of Ray came around.

Around 1972, Ray Tomlinson saw a need for these electronic messages to be “put in an envelop and addressed” – chose the @ symbol from the keyboard to indicate where the message should go – and was credited with the invention of email.

Ray was lightyears ahead of his time, and his foresight has laid the foundation for modern day communication to this day.

A few days ago, Ray Tomlinson passed on.

These days, it seems like every time a social media network springs up, the gurus are quick to attach their name to it in hopes they can be the one to say “I told you so” and it’s “the death of email”.

Those people won’t make it.

Not because they’re against email, but because they rely on short-sighted hype of social media instead of looking at past trends.

Ray created something so strong that it has literally carved a path for every communication system after, and will live long beyond him.

That’s what we should strive for.

Your name is your legacy and it shouldn’t be chanced on hypy trends that the crowd is following. It should only be attached to something when you’re so positive it will work out because history says so.

Anyone using electronic communication in their business – especially email – owes Ray Tomlinson an immeasurable amount of debt and gratitude and should be looked at as a prime example of what it takes to bank on the long-term picture.

Here’s to you, Ray.

Jeremy Montoya

PS – Anyone saying that email is dead, old, or going away is just someone trying to validate their own business and ego.

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But you still have time to sign up for free to watch them live.

Names like Andre Chaperon, Perry Marshall, Dany Inny, John McIntyre, Ben Settle, Navid Moazzez, and yours truly will be presenting on how you can grow your business using the most tried and true form of online marketing – Email.

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Giddy as a school girl listening to N’sync

Years back we had some cousins come and stay with us.

I couldn’t have been older than 11.

They just had their first born and she loved Dora The Explorer.

Everyday this silly little cartoon would play in our living room and I just couldn’t understand what was so damn special about it.

She couldn’t go a day without it.

The opening tune would play and it was like nothing else in the world existed to her.

The same thing happens as you build and nurture your email list:

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Proof that you don’t need a big email list

True story:

When I first came on to the scene I made my first dollars online with a list of a little over 50 people. A few months later I announced a one-on-one coaching program that brought in over $5,000 in revenue in one month.

At the time time, my list was under 300 and I had no existing products.

The only thing going for me was a deep line-up of clients I hustled to get who were paying me monthly for done-for-you list-building services, and the stories I’d send out everyday to help you realize you need to be focusing your list, too.

Why should this matter to you?

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